Rus News Journal


Sibnedra have sold two gold-bearing uchastkavchera Sibnedra have spent auctions on sale of the rights to four sites rossypnogo gold in the Novosibirsk region. As head Sibnedr Alexander Nevolko has informed „“, two auctions, in each of which have taken part on two companies, have come to the end productively. The winner in struggle for a site of the Riverhead of Ik (Toguchinsky area) on the second step of the auctions became Open Company “ Artel staratelej “Suenga“ “. The starting price in 300 thousand rbl. has been exceeded on 30 thousand rbl. Look-ahead resources of a site of gold of 170 kg, but, by words g - on Nevolko, “ before the beginning of extraction the company should spend a complex of prospecting works, and its resource can appear above “. The right to a site the Right inflows of the river Big Tajly (Toguchinsky area) challenged Open Company “ Gelion “ and Open Company “ Saturn “. The auctions have stopped on 55 - m a step, the greatest price - 1,54 million rbl. (the starting price of 240 thousand rbl.) - Has offered “ Gelion “. The reconnoitered stocks on this site make 24 kg, look-ahead resources - 60 kg. Auctions on sites the Right inflows of the river Suenga (Toguchinsky area, look-ahead resources of 83 kg) and Listvjanka - 2 (Masljaninsky area, stocks on category Ρ1 of 89 kg, Ρ2 - 187 kg) are recognised by not taken place of - for absence of demands. As head Sibnedr if the first of these prizes is not exposed any more on sale, because to him " has specified; there is no interest from outside nedropolzovatelej “ on Listvjanku - 2 will be declared repeated auction. Presumably it will take place on December, 10th.
Yury Belov, Novosibirsk

AZHIK reduces partnerovaltajskoe Open Society “ Regional agency on housing mortgage lending “ (AZHIK) has reduced quantity of the estimated companies-partners with 30 to nine organisations. As general director AZHIK Evgenie Mozzhilin, " has explained; Today the agency especially needs in 100 - a percentage objective estimation of habitation, however the part of appraisers gave insignificant quantity of estimations, the part meaningly overestimated habitation cost that could lead to substantial damages of the creditor “. Cooperation with such great number of the estimated companies, according to the head of agency, is inexpedient and from the technical point of view. “ we have simply led principles of partnership with appraisers to the standard standards “ - has underlined g - n Mozzhilin, having added that with former partners contracts about cooperation have not been prolonged for new term.
Yury Belov, Novosibirsk

Charges to the militiaman will listen prisjazhnyevchera to Tomsk regional court has generated board of jurymen on the case of murder of businessman Igor Vahnenko of which the former employee UBEP the Department of Internal Affairs across the Tomsk region Gennady Nikiforov is accused. As has informed a press - the secretary of regional court Ekaterina Karpenko, in court 37 candidates from whom 12 cores and five spare jurymen have been selected were. From the first to confirm the list it was not possible - the session of court appointed to October, 6th has not taken place, as from 100 caused candidates were only 17. Zolotopromyshlennik Igor Vahnenko was gone on September, 29th, 2007. On October, 4th its body was revealed in wood, and on October, 6th on suspicion in murder of the businessman the major of militia Gennady Nikiforov has been arrested. Concerning it it has been raised five criminal cases. Nikiforovu accusation in fulfilment of the crimes provided ch is brought. 2 items 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ the Murder made with special cruelty, on purpose to hide other crime “), ch. 3 items 286 (“ Excess of powers of office with application of violence and causing of heavy consequences - death of the victim “) ch. 3 items 286 (“ Excess of powers of office with application of violence and spetssredstv “), ch. 2 items 158 (“ Secret plunder of another`s property with causing of a considerable damage to the victim “). The Legal investigation is in essence appointed to October, 27th. “ at the first session the essence of the brought accusations will be stated, the position of protection and the indication accused " are heard; - has told g - zha Karpenko. The chief of department on maintenance of participation of public prosecutors in consideration of criminal cases by courts of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tomsk region Elena Labazanova has added that the charge party at the first session intends to start announcement of proofs on business.
Ekaterina Litvinova, Tomsk

“ Kuzbassenergosbyt “ will save on direktorahvchera extraordinary meeting of shareholders of Open Society “ Kuzbassenergosbyt “ (enters into group “ a Mechel “) Has selected new structure of board of directors, having reduced its number with 11 to seven persons. As the chairman of board of directors of the company, the executive vice-president of Open Society " has informed at meeting; a Mechel “ Alexander Shmohin, the decision on reduction of number of directors “ Kuzbassenergosbyta “ it was accepted council on July, 28th, that “ to cut down expenses, to work faster and more flexibly “. In new council five places were occupied with representatives of group “ a Mechel “ two - Open Society “ the Siberian coal power company “ (supervises 25 % of actions).
Igor Lavrenkov, Kemerovo