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Defendant on the case of Andrey Kozlova`s murder have prolonged arrest

the Context

Moscow City Court under the charge petition yesterday has prolonged for three months (till January, 24th, 2009) holding in custody term to all seven defendant who are accused of the organisation and murder in September, 2006 of the first deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank Andrey Kozlova. Such decision was accepted because earlier appointed term of holding in custody expires on October, 24th. Thus about possibility of the maintenance of defendants under house arrest the court did not begin to consider protection arguments. The same as also arguments of former chairman of the board VIP - Alexey Frenkel`s bank which on September, 11th till the end of process have removed from a court hall. It has occurred after mister Frenkel in the presence of jurymen has declared written tap to the presiding Natalia Olihver, having accused the judge of counteraction to justice. As petitions of remedial character should be considered for lack of jurymen, for the admitted infringement defendant Frenkel has been deprived possibility to be present on process. According to protection of mister Frenkel, this decision of the judge has actually deprived of their possibility to meet the client. As lawyers speak, from prison of mister Frenkel bring to a court building where constantly hold before the termination of the working day in a convoy room. Protection also has informed that the lawyer to destination Michael Orlikov on - former acts in court as the defender of mister Frenkel in spite of the fact that the former banker has refused its services.

Today on the parties of charge and protection will finish an exchange of remarks (it is necessary to act to Boris Shafraja and Liany Askerovoj lawyers) then before jurymen with last word all seven defendants - Alexey Frenkel, the Liana of Askerova, Boris Shafraj, as Bogdan Pogorzhevsky will act, Alexey Polovinkin, Maxim Progljada and Alexander Belokopytov.

Inna Ermoshkinoj`s complaint to a search
the Tver court of Moscow Is rejected has rejected yesterday the complaint of the lawyer of Inna Ermoshkinoj to the infringements admitted, in its opinion, during a search spent on May, 15th of this year at her place within the limits of criminal case about swindle with apartments (about this business informed in yesterday`s number). the Court has not notified on time of consideration of the complaint neither me, nor lawyers, - has told madam Ermoshkina. - the Court has refused to file the photographing confirming infringements admitted at a search. In particular, we specified that to me and the husband have not explained our rights that the understood was on one place during a search whereas things were withdrawn in different places. Besides, the court has refused to interrogate this understood and my daughter Karinu who also was present at a search. I will notice that then documents on the apartments appearing in business, and those documents which are connected with my claims about a recognition void results of competitions on replacement of posts of notaries " have been withdrawn not;. Inna Ermoshkina has informed that intends to make the complaint to actions of the judge of the Tver court to the public prosecutor and in the Higher qualifying board of judges. Madam Ermoshkina also has told that yesterday did not appear at the inspector, intending to make to it two new episodes on to room business as there there could not be its lawyer. the inspector has called me and causes me on Tuesday. Besides, it has notified that plans to make out-patient psychiatric examination. I on it did not give the consent and I am afraid of any provocation - Inna Ermoshkina summarised.

to Spouses of a distance 21 year for two for espionage
55 - summer Yury Alekseev and it 49 - summer spouse Irina Starikova are sentenced yesterday by Moscow City Court to 12 and nine years of imprisonment accordingly and to the penalty in 1 million rbl. for high treason in the form of espionage. They are recognised by guilty of cooperation with the Chinese military investigation which have sold for $300 thousand the confidential documentation, concerning technical characteristics of a unique Russian aircraft carrier the Admiral of Smiths . Employees of FSB have detained spouses on March, 29th, 2007 with polichnym at reception of the next party of the confidential documentation military - technical character. Concerning Yury Alekseeva and Irina Starikovoj have filed criminal charges under the item 275 criminal codes of Russian Federation (high treason). During the investigation arrested persons admitted that have been enlisted by the Chinese investigation under which task for monetary compensation collected the classified information about Admiral Kuznetsove .