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Vedmina a delivery service

Vedmina a delivery service - most susalnyj from films of Miyazaki. If usually they consist of flights, beauty and accident in it there is not enough accident, but only flights and beauty. What, however, can be accident in the drawn world representing, according to the Miyazaki, Europe 1950 - h in which there were no two world wars.

13 - summer Kiki, as well as it is necessary, to a clear moonlight night departs on a broom from native village that the whole year to live in a big city where it will be a unique witch. With itself Kiki a beret speaking cat, a black dress and a radio receiver. She searches for a city at the sea and, of course, finds. Koriko it is similar simultaneously to Stockholm, Paris, Lisbon and Milan and as speaks Miyazaki, one coast lies on Mediterranean sea, and another - on Baltiysk . In Koriko vedmochka gets to kind spouses - to bakers who advise to it to open own service of fast delivery on a broom. Kiki begins to fly with wild speed on a city, and the ridiculous boy in points behind it to run. During any moment, uvlekshis the experiences concerning the boy, Kiki even will forget to fly and will cease to understand the speaking cat. But for a short while.

Films of Miyazaki always differed a special cosiness. Even in the Walking lock where the world in the most literal sense collapsed on a part, it did it under calming treskotnju logs in a burning fireplace. But Vedmina a delivery service is a film for girls, boyish affairs like wars and planes here at anything. The heroine lives at an oven, it is helped by kind old women, artists from wood and pregnant mistresses of bakeries, and from various female archetypes and symbols (the house, bread, the centre, the cat) starts to be turned a head and even slightly podtashnivat. It is the novel of education for girls, but the novel in which the girl has nothing to be brought up. Because the built Miyazaki the world is too safe, and events in life of the girl even if it the witch, in it can be very little - dresses, pies and boys. There are boys - and the childhood comes to an end. History, you will tell nothing, sad, but after the lapse of 20 years in a film all the same there is the main thing not a history, and the tender world of the invented Europe, a coastal city with seagulls, paved bridge and narrow small streets. Such peace and silent of what, of course, never existed but which should be invented.