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At Kesko has not contacted the Tape

Retail trade

the Largest Finnish ritejler Kesko Food has informed Federal antimonopoly service (FAS), requested additional information for studying of the petition for acquisition of the Petersburg network of hypermarkets the Tape that negotiating process under this transaction has not crowned success. The petition for Open Company acquisition the Tape the Finnish affiliated company ritejlera Cassa Oy en face submitted. Consideration of the petition has been prolonged till December, 11th, but in Kesko consider that itself the transaction about which it is told in the petition, has not had development . Among other applicants for 89 % Tapes were called Croatian Agrokor, French Carrefour, American Wal - Mart.

to Martha have appointed one more operating
the Decision of the Moscow arbitration court time managing director of Open Society investritejlgrup (100 % of Open Company " own almost; Elekskor which developed a chain store system Grossmart ) member NP " yesterday has been chosen; the Union of managers and anti-recessionary managing directors Maxim Pavlov. During judicial session the lawyer investritejlgrup has informed that at the company about 150 potential creditors. Open Society investritejlgrup has put in the statement on the bankruptcy on September, 26th. Open Company Elekskor also undergoes bankruptcy procedure, on August, 15th court has already entered in the relation Elekskora supervision procedure under the claim of the company submitted on August, 11th. On September, 2nd the court has appointed the time managing director Elekskora member NP the Union of managers and anti-recessionary managing directors Konstantin Chernyavsky.