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The Prokremlin youth has bypassed Russian march

Nationalists have submitted yesterday to the government of Moscow the demand for carrying out on November, 4th, in Day of national unity, next Russian march . The organising committee plans to carry out the action with participation of 5 thousand persons under the slogan Moscow - Russian city on quay Tarasa Shevchenko, opposite to the White house. At the same time again plan to go out of doors and occupy central squares of a city representatives of all Prokremlin youth organisations.
yesterday organizers Russian march have submitted to the mayoralty of Moscow the demand for carrying out on November, 4th processions on quay Tarasa Shevchenko. Nationalists expect to collect there to 5 thousand supporters. Besides, one more demand - on procession from the All-Russia Exhibition Centre to a television centre " is submitted; Ostankino on a case as organizers if " explain; At once some organisations will apply for carrying out of actions on quay Tarasa Shevchenko and the power will tell that cannot dissolve all on time . We will remind that Day of national unity was has thought up deputies - United Russia party members in 2005. The holiday is dated for an anniversary of defeat polsko - the Lithuanian interventionists in 1612. Nationalists declared at once day the main holiday, actually having intercepted it at the Prokremlin youth organisations.

the procession organising committee includes the leader of Movement against illegal immigration (DPNI) Alexander Belov, the chairman of Russian national movement Igor Artem, the head of the Slavic union Dmitry Demushkin, and also representatives of fund Memory Russian social movement, Russian natsional - Bolshevist front the Union of Russian people. They are convinced that Russian march Is a certificate of the will, called to show unity and readiness for struggle for national interests of Russian people . Organizers have urged supporters to refuse flags with symbolics of their organisations and under to leave white - is yellow - a black imperial flag with the slogan Moscow - Russian city! . Besides Moscow nationalists expect to carry out the actions practically in all regions of Russia - in St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Vladivostok and other cities. The action in Ukraine, in Sevastopol is planned also.

it is not excluded that in Day of national unity on street besides representatives of the mentioned organisations there are two more groups of nationalists - supporters of the National union of Sergey Baburina (as a rule, they unite with the Union of orthodox standard-bearers and spend procession with candles on the same quay Tarasa Shevchenko in the late evening) and broken away from official DPNI so-called Russian DPNI. In the middle of September this organisation publicly declared that is not going to support leader DPNI Alexander Belova who has decided to make of the organisation respectable political force. movement wanted to use as infantry and gun meat for liberals. It is unacceptable for us - the member of consulting council DPNI Yury Gorsky has declared then one of opponents of mister Belova.

from actions of nationalists representatives of the Prokremlin youth expect to distract attention of the public. As has found out in Day of national unity on street intend to leave Ours Young guards Russia young and Local . It is necessary to notice that Local also often accuse of nationalism: they regularly spend spot-checks in the markets, but campaign against taxi drivers - illegal immigrants " became the most sensational action of movement; Let`s not give rulit to migrants . Even the Moscow City Council, Council of federation and the State Office of Public Prosecutor has become interested in the action, but any sanctions has not followed.

a press - the secretary of movement Ours Christina Potupchik has informed that for November, 4th the organisation has planned the action a world Blanket on Vasilevsky descent. The deputy chief of the central staff Young guards an United Russia on political work Andrey Tatarinov, in turn, has told that molodogvardejtsy have already planned meetings - processions in regions, however plans about capital has not opened. we will spend something certainly, but the place is not defined yet, - has declared a press - the secretary Local Natalia Semcheva. - But I can precisely tell that the quay Tarasa Shevchenko will not suit us, because we want, that us have heard . Russia young By words a press - secretary Evgenie Nasonov, has already made an application on meeting carrying out - a concert in Russian protection in New Pushkin square.

in the government of Moscow plans of nationalists and the Prokremlin youth could not comment.