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The centre the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev forces shifts in Bashkiria

has dismissed yesterday 58 - the summer Minister of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria Rafaila Divaeva. In the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs it explain submitted mister Divaevym the official report about dismissal in connection with age limit achievement . Experts, in turn, do not exclude political underlying reason of resignation, believing that it can signal about possible leaving from the post of the president of Bashkiria Murtazy Rakhimov.
the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria Ruslan Sharafutdinov has informed that the general - the lieutenant of militia Divaev has submitted the official report about dismissal in connection with achievement of a deadline of service two weeks ago. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs have explained that age limit for officers of the higher command link of 55 years, after which achievement the contract prodljajut annually. To general Divaevu last time the contract has been prolonged only in August of current year. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria have informed that since October, 15th Rafail Divaev is registered in holiday from which on the post it will not return any more, and temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs deputy minister Arthur Ahmethanov is appointed.

General Divaev has come to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria on a post of the first deputy of the minister in 1995 from a post of the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Neftekamsk. In 1996 he has headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, having held on in a ministerial armchair almost 12 years in spite of the fact that department repeatedly appeared in the centre of loud scandals.

in particular, in July, 2003 the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Boris Gryzlov has signed the order about incomplete office conformity general Divaeva for creation under the aegis of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the National house of social protection which were engaged in commercial activity on to closing debts of the enterprises against the local budget and trade in oil products. Scandal with listening of telephone conversations of some local deputies and politicians of which those have convicted the local Ministry of Internal Affairs has the same year burst. But the biggest resonance was received spent in December, 2004 by order of mister Divaeva in the Bashkir small town Blagoveshchensk by power special action of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and local OMON on suppression of street criminality in which course by suffered from actions of militiamen it has been recognised more than 340 citizens. However, all these scandals at worst came to an end with resignations of assistants to mister Divaeva.

In August of this year of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bashkiria has filed criminal charges about a bribe ostensibly received by the former head of Presidential Administration of republic Radiem Habirovym. Thus about business excitation it became known in day when it has been appointed by the head of department in management of internal policy of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. According to the head of coordination council of the Bashkir opposition of Ramilja Bignova, this time the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Has paid for that operated counter with instructions of the Kremlin and too zealously carried out will of a management of republic .

Experts consider that by the head of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs will be appointed the person from Moscow . Recently in region already has passed some such key appointments. In particular, the Orenburg official Peter Kapishnikov, the public prosecutor - the former first deputy of the public prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Hurtin, the head of the Supreme court - the Taganrog judge Michael Tarasenko became the main federal inspector across Bashkiria. In September the higher qualifying board of judges of the Russian Federation recommended the judge of Federal arbitration court of the Ural district Igor Arsenova for a post of the chairman of arbitration court of republic. All of them have replaced the Bashkir officials that has sharply weakened Murtazy Rakhimov`s influence and made active hearings about its fast resignation.

an analyst of Institute of a regional policy Alexey Titkov believes that Change of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the Kremlin shows again the intention to centralise the power in region . This process is characteristic not only for Bashkiria, it goes across all Russia. Change of shots in power structures in this or that region as practice shows, after any time results and in change of its head - the political scientist considers.