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Theatre At the bridge in Moscow

the Perm theatre At the bridge brings to Moscow the trilogy under plays of Irish playwright Martin Makdonaha: the Beauty from Linena the Skull from Konnemary and the Lonely West . The black humour and the violence sea, unmotivated cruelty and absurdity of human existence - on these components are got mixed up all plays of the Irish nugget which has become today by one of the most fashionable and popular playwrights of Europe. Its destiny represents a classical example of a literary way: from the poor childhood in emigrant area of London (the father - the builder, mother - the cleaner), unfinished high school, the unemployment benefit and two tens unsuccessful scenarios to unexpected rough success written all for a week of the play the Beauty queen to statements on the Broadway, to theatrical awards Tony And Lawrence Olivier, a world fame, a post of the regular playwright of National royal theatre and to Oscar for the first korotkometrazhku the Revolver . Rigid grotesque plays of Makdonaha had to a court yard in all countries because the poor world of a far Irish province described in them is, as a matter of fact, micromodel of the big mad world where people gradually lose the human shape, turning whether to wild animals, whether in thoughtless children not responsible for the acts.

this Irish playwright in Moscow too already well-known. In last season in capital there was a boom of Makdonaha: the Person - a pillow Cyril Serebrennikov, " has put in MHT; the Lonely West play the Satyricon the Beauty queen goes at Vahtangovsky theatre, and Center Mejerholda has got in the repertoire the Cripple from island Inishmaan . But to the Perm director Sergey Fedotovu and theatre At the bridge laurels of pioneers of Makdonaha in Russia belong. Beginning as self-supporting studio at a recreation centre of telephone factory, this theatre for some years has grown in one of the brightest and original collectives of the country. Its well-known Gogol Pannochka - the mix of theatre of horrors, a comedy and a philosophical parable - has gone round all Russia and many countries of Europe. After that performance the glory of the expert in mysticism which permjaki diligently supported was fixed to theatre, dramatizing on Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, Schwarz`s stage and Andreeva. Martin Makdonah, of course, the author of absolutely other sense, but also in its plays implanted in modern realities is any metaphysical shift. Sergey Fedotov finds out its method from the return, immersing heroes of the Irish trilogy in the concentrated solution of household details. Against these naturalistic conditions combining details of a far Irish and close sovok life, acts of characters of Makdonaha look especially irrational.

in to the Beauty from Linena the old woman exhausts mother and terrorises the daughter, depriving of its chances of private life, for what receives a poker on a head. In the Skull from Konnemary the grave-digger digs out and with pleasure destroys bones of the former offenders suspecting it in murder of the favourite wife. In the Lonely West the priest incurs a suicide sin to stop enmity between two brothers who cannot divide property after death of the father and hardly that catch at a gun. Many fairly see parallels in plays of Makdonaha with modern chernushnym cinema - Quentin Tarantino`s ironical insurgents and David Lynch`s thrillers. Not without reason, before to take up the pen, the young playwright has spent ten years in front of the TV, reconsidering the favourite film masterpieces. But the Perm director Sergey Fedotov imparts this fresh sprout of a modern postmodernism to a tree of traditional psychological theatre, and brutal Makdonah in its statements starts to give unexpectedly that Chekhovian melancholy, shukshinskimi eccentricities, intonations from Dostoevsky. But thus remains masterly cut out and Homerically ridiculous.