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To Platon Lebedev have not allowed to disappear in a colony

the Chita regional court yesterday the next time has prolonged eks - head of MFO MENATEP Platon Lebedev holding in custody term, now till February, 2nd, 2009. Its lawyers intend to appeal against against the regional court decision as the client spends to a pre-trial detention centre of much more time, than in a colony that is not supposed by the law.
Platon Lebedev is accused of legalisation 450 mlrd rbl. and $7,5 mlrd during the period with 1998 for 2004 by plunder of actions belonging to the state, assignments of oil of affiliated companies of YUKOS and washing up of the means received from its realisation. Yesterday the Chita regional court has agreed with arguments of the State Office of Public Prosecutor that, it having appeared behind pre-trial detention centre walls, Platon Lebedev can disappear abroad or put pressure upon witnesses, and has left it under guards in Chita till February, 2nd, 2009. If the court has refused to the State Office of Public Prosecutor satisfaction of the petition Platon Lebedev would return to a settlement Harp colony in Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region where it needed to spend as early as four years according to a sentence on the first criminal case. In May, 2005 Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev have been condemned by Petty-bourgeois regional court of Moscow to the nine-year conclusions for swindle and non-payment of taxes, then the Moscow City Court has reduced term for a year to each of them.

Representatives of the State Office of Public Prosecutor have refused to make comments yesterday on a judgement. However it is known that during session one of inspectors has explained: Platon Lebedev`s maintenance in a pre-trial detention centre is necessary for preparation of the bill of particulars and also because accused has not had time to read all volumes of the second criminal case. According to lawyer Igor Sapozhkova, the decision of the Chita regional court will be protested in ten-day term in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation as it contradicts protection arguments. Lebedev sits in a pre-trial detention centre more than two thirds from five years of imprisonment - mister Sapozhkov has noted.

Platon Lebedev at session asserted that from incriminated to it within the limits of the second criminal case it could not make anything, as at this time or was in a pre-trial detention centre in Moscow or outside of the Russian Federation, or did not work in NK YUKOS that proves to be true marks in the work record card. The lawyer Elena Liptser has paid attention of court that after September, 30th, 1999 Platon Lebedev in one Russian company did not work, having concentrated exclusively on activity of international investment holding Group MENATEP Ltd and its affiliated companies. from April, 5th, till July, 2nd, 2003 it was the unique director Group MENATEP Ltd (Gibraltar) operating out of jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and the competence of the Russian state structures of the law and order - she has told. This holding, she has underlined, actively participated in charities: Since January 1998 till July, 2003 the holding and its branches have gratuitously spent 60 mlrd rbl. for the social and charitable purposes in Russia, the Western Europe and the USA .

According to protection, Platon Lebedev has familiarised more than with 151 volume of business, and with vosemju - partially. In total in business of 168 volumes, however protection considers that on the remained judicial documents there is no sense to spend even four months in a pre-trial detention centre.

the Chita regional court has accepted earlier similar decision on prolongation of term of holding in custody concerning Michael Khodorkovsky. Last, according to protection, has read 161 volume of criminal case completely and two partially. As well as in a case with mister Lebedev, the State Office of Public Prosecutor considers that in case of transfer eks - heads of YUKOS in a colony it can disappear abroad or put pressure upon witnesses.

, YURY - YUDIN, Chita