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Militia perevooruzhila gangsters

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has informed yesterday on carrying out joint from FSB of large-scale operation on struggle against illegal traffic in arms. As a result of operation the group of dealers has been detained by the weapon in which head there were police officers. Participants of investigation do not exclude that many loud murders of last years including murder eks - the deputy of the State Duma, the hero of Russia Ruslana Jamadaeva, have been made from the weapon sold by participants of this criminal grouping.
special action has been spent on Saturday and Sunday in the Moscow and Smolensk areas. Field investigators of FSB and recently created department have taken part in it on counteraction to extremism (DPE) the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They were helped by representatives of department of own safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also fighters of special divisions the Lynx and the Bison . As a result of operation 11 persons are detained. From them have withdrawn over 150 units of various shooting arms and some thousand ammunition. Concerning arrested persons investigatory management across Moscow Region has filed criminal charges under articles 222 (illegal sale and weapon storage) and 223 (weapon illicit manufacturing) the criminal code of Russian Federation. Yesterday the court of Ruzsky area of Moscow suburbs authorised arrest of arrested persons.

by data the grouping of dealers operated with the weapon about three years. It was organised by three fighters of a platoon patrol - sentry duty of the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Ruzy. According to one of participants of investigation, all has begun gathering of mushrooms with innocent hobby of one of these militiamen. Collecting wood gifts in places where took place Great Patriotic War violent fighting, it found rusty rifles and automatic machines of those years. Some of finds have appeared in quite maintainable condition. Anyway, the neighbour of the militiaman, the toolmaker of local factory, has restored an old revolver and a rifle. The weapon long time lay in garage of the militiaman until it has not shown to its acquaintance - to a member of one of criminal groupings of Moscow suburbs. That has suggested the militiaman to sell its trophies for decent money.

from this point on the criminal group of dealers by the weapon, crushed in a past week-end, according to the investigation, has started to be formed. The militiaman has involved in gathering and repair of the weapon of two colleagues and some more acquaintances from among so-called black kopatelej - the people spending illegal excavation in places of mass military burial places. Already soon members of group have come to a conclusion what to collect and repair World War II weapon hlopotno and it is not too favourable. Potential buyers refused to give the good price for rusty trunks. They asked members of group, whether there are no at them new samples.

Then dealers the weapon as participants of investigation speak, have reorientated the business. Members of group have used that now almost all Russian small-arms factories have put manufacture of the traumatic weapon made on the basis of fighting analogues on a stream. Having got on false people and their licences in weapon shops it is a little exemplary travmatiki, they have attentively studied their design and have understood that some of them can be altered in fighting analogues, having replaced a trunk and having spent insignificant completion of a shutter. For alteration have involved professional toolmakers, having put manufacture actually on a stream.

at first dealers the weapon have mastered alteration in fighting traumatic pistols IZH - 79 - 9 Makarych the Izhevsk factory and a TT the Leader Vjatsko - Half-Jansky machine-building factory. Manufacture made quite good profit. Pistols were got in shops on 9 thousand rbl. For a trunk, and after alteration were on sale already on 40 - 50 thousand rbl. Soon to dealers of the weapon from buyers even more favourable offer has arrived - to sell lot of pistols - machine guns the Cedar . Its manufacturing have adjusted from traumatic pistol PDT - 9 Esaul manufactures of Zlatoustovsky machine-building factory. The profit has turned out even more considerable. Pistols - machine guns were got on 7 thousand rbl., and were on sale on 70 - 100 thousand rbl. And took them considerably ohotnee. But, according to participants of investigation, on release of this model dealers the weapon after a year have burnt down after have mastered its manufacture.

the matter is that on September, 24th in the centre of Moscow the hero of Russia eks - the deputy of State Duma Ruslan Jamadaev has been killed. According to witnesses, the killer shot from a small pistol - a machine gun. And experts - criminalists, having studied notches on the bullets taken from a body of Ruslana Jamadaeva and salon of its car, have come to a conclusion that the trunk of the used weapon has been made in the handicraft way.

it is natural, all power structures began to fulfil a possible weapon trace. During one of such working off field investigators DPE and employees of FSB also left on dealers the weapon Ruzy. Security officers and militiamen managed to introduce in group of dealers the weapon of the person which has established all members of group, and also places of alteration of trunks. Operation on liquidation of a gang of dealers by the weapon has begun with detention of the ensign of militia Valery Antoshkina. It have seized in own house on suburb Ruzy. At first the militiaman in the address denied all suspicions. But when during a search in one of premises has been found altered in a service pistol Makarych and the muffler to it, it in all has confessed and has given evidences. For detention of colleagues of ensign Antoshkina in Department of Internal Affairs Ruzy declared alarm. When militiamen have arrived on workplaces, they were met by colleagues from DSB, field investigators of FSB and fighters of special troops. Everything, according to official figures DPE, during operation 30 searches have been spent, four workshops where the weapon " was produced and reconstructed are found out and liquidated;.