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The housing question has fallen in price

Analysts of agency IRN for the first time have fixed decrease in the Moscow prices for secondary habitation and in roubles (on 0,2 % for last week), and in dollars (on 0,3 %). Till now the rouble prices, by their calculations, remained stable. Independent analysts expect that in the nearest three - seven months of the price both for new buildings, and on vtorichku can fall a maximum to 20 %. But developers assert what to reduce the prices for under construction houses do not gather.
analytical centre IRN - one of the most authoritative in an estimation of capital real estate among its buyers: a site irn. ru, according to Rambler the Top - 100, monthly visits 265 thousand persons, and sites Inkom - real estate and Miel - real estate - only 133,5 thousand and 111,7 thousand accordingly. On Monday of analytics IRN have fixed reduction of prices on the Moscow habitation in the secondary market on 0,3 %, to $6,097 thousand for 1 sq. m (the schedule see). In a price rouble equivalent for the first time too have spread downwards - on 0,2 %, to 159,68 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m. During a week from October, 6 till October, 12th, the head of research centre IRN Oleg Repchenko marks, decrease in a dollar index was already observed, but this dynamics has been connected with a rise in price of the American currency - about 25,9 rbl. to 26,2 rbl. for $1. The rouble prices, he adds, a week before last all the same grew - from 158,6 thousand rbl. to 160 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m.

Analysts Inkom - real estate also mark reduction of prices last week - on 0,9 %, to $8,362 thousand for 1 sq. m, and on 0,8 %, to 219 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m. But according to their own base, depreciation of secondary habitation has occurred for the first time in the end of September, and then it has risen in price again.

decrease was fixed also by other realtors. Real estate bureau the Agent 002 Has noted for last month reduction of prices on one-room apartments in dollars on 1,4 %, in roubles - on 1,7 %. Thus analysts of agency notice that transactions for three weeks of October was on 40 % less, than for the similar period of September. The general director of the consulting centre Miel Vladislav Lutskov also has noticed reduction of number of transactions in October, but exact figures can result in November.

it is possible to speak about the present first signal of correction of the prices for habitation in the secondary market - mister Repchenko considers. Under its forecasts, reduction of prices on vtorichku will make in the near future some percent a month and to summer of next year can exceed 20 %. Mister Lutskov objects: About correction to speak early because only the error at vyschityvanii the average price makes plus - a minus of 0,4 % . But an analyst the Capital Renaissance Alexander Vengranovich agrees that decrease will be and at the worst for developers a variant of succession of events of the price will fall to 20 % by New year. However, in its opinion, first of all it will mention new buildings.

but the majority of developers deny possibility of reduction of prices on pervichku. As has told one of participants of the market, a question on decrease by builders of the prices for new habitation on 20 % to urge on demand, was discussed at session of club of developers Building last week. practically nobody has supported this idea - the interlocutor " marks; . On vtorichke correction of the prices, but for under construction houses is possible is unprofitable to lower the prices. We will not do it - the representative of the SOU - 155 Feodor Sarokvasha underlines. It explains that if to builders will be unprofitable to sell habitation in the market, they will increase a share in the state order and the offer even will be reduced. Similar position and at chairman of board of directors DSK - 1 Andrey Pankovsky: I Can admit that in the secondary market of the price will decrease on 5 - 6 %. But new buildings it will not concern, we do not plan decrease . The head of the Duma committee of building and ground relations agrees With them Martin Shakkum: the habitation, especially in Moscow, where not so many the new projects which considerable part is now turned off " will Considerably not go down in price;.