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The national team has acted at club level

For a fighting spirit raising before a selection match of the World championship on football between Russia and Germany head coach and its wards have called in club “ Rΰι “. There represented the book “ the Present national team, or Hiddink`s phenomenon “ a press - attaches of a command of Ilya Kazakova, and also handed over to sportsmen unsportsmanlike awards. Visitors of a party have invited to be ill for a national team to Dortmund where they had to reach through Bruxelles, “ having kept waiting “ at the airport of 11 hours. However, from defeat (about a match course p. 24 see) we were rescued even by presence of the high-ranking fans - heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrova and head “ Gazprom “ Alexey Miller.
evening in club “ Rΰι “ has begun with video demonstration - the best moments from games of the Russian national team on football. On a scene leading evenings Michael Shats and Alexander Vulyh have risen. Who has thought up this double konferans, and remained a riddle. But as a result Michael Shatsa`s sense of humour has definitively won its absence at mister Vulyha. Visitors have divided on two parts. On the first circle trainers, publishers of the book and friends a press - the attache of a national team of Ilya Kazakova among whom have appeared Valery Syutkin with spouse Violoj, actor Michael Efremov and television commentators Vasily Utkin and Victor Gusev sat. TV presenters Yana Churikovu, Ekaterina Andreevu, Maria Kiselyov have asked to rise on the second circle where there were also football players.

with the first music turn there was actor Vitaly Tatarinov representing Elvis Presley. As have explained leading evenings, it has occurred because the present Elvis Presley was and remains Guus Hiddink`s favourite executor. After “ Elvis “ on a scene have called also its admirer - Guus Hiddink. To it have handed over in a gift the book, and it has joked: “ Thanks, I will read it for couple of days, you all know that I perfectly speak on - russki “. Then he has shaken finger at football players on the second circle, having informed that knows about their unapproved campaigns in club “ Rΰι “.

On the book gifts to Guus Hiddink have not ended. On a scene there was a director of boutiques Le Cadeau of Artem Zenjan. He has informed that from the second circle to it on a head already something have spilt, and has handed over to the head coach of the Russian national team a football covered with crystals Swarovski. Alexander Vulyh continued to declare gifts: “ And now a gift for Guus Hiddink Elizabeth`s wife - a fur coat made of a symbol of Russia... “ “ really from an eagle? “ - has whispered sitting in a hall the head of marketing projects UK “ the Alpha - the Capital “ Anastas Shubenkova. “... From barguzinskogo sables “ - the leader has continued. The fur coat has appeared on shoulders of model which made all over vozvratno - the progress similar to agonal convulsions barguzinskogo of a sable. Guus Hiddink has thrown with a fur coat a shoulder and has gone into place. All the evening long he signed copies of the book which did not write and at all did not read.

leaders have presented one more performer - “ student Nastju “. While the girl sang a jazz, visitors found out, whence it and who. It has appeared that it is the daughter of the senior trainer of a national team of Alexander Borodjuka Anastas. Between performances of members of a national team awarded comic prizes. Dmitry Torbinsky has received a discount yellow card of return action for the considerable quantity of yellow cards: instead of free clothes from the sponsor every fourth complete set for 100 % of cost. To Igor Akinfeevu in a nomination “ Able fingers “ the gloves pasted to a ball have got. The masseur of a national team Oleg Sokolov “ for love to a body “ Has received as a gift the girl - the Chinese woman. It should make to it Thai massage. The girl, words not understanding on - russki, the mister Sokolov, taking for a hand as the child, has hastened to withdraw from a scene. Evening was finished by group “ Σμΰ2πμΰν “. Leaders already summed up to evening as suddenly has unexpectedly worked fireworks, and they have appeared in a ring of sparkling fountains. The ending has turned out greased, and the president of company Meucci (one of sponsors of a national team) Andrey Tarasov left to a scene with an explanation: “ we had not enough time for preparation “ - and as indemnification has invited present in Germany to be ill for a Russian team.

after some days mister Tarasov has really chartered a charter to fly to Dortmund. From seven o`clock in the morning till eight evenings of all passengers of a charter have kept at the airport as the plane has not received a landing permit in Germany. As a result the plane all - taki has taken off, but has landed in Bruxelles. It was necessary to reach Dortmund by the bus which passengers became hostages of musical taste of Andrey Tarasova which has included a criminal chanson on full loudness and has warned that “ all will live in its bus by its rules “.

the game Result - 2:1 in favour of German national team - has upset both a command, and the Russian fans. Guus Hiddink with spouse Elizabeth has gone to hotel where a vein the Russian national team, and it was arranged in a lobby. But soon, after the next approach behind the autograph, has caused the car and has left. Head " was one of the most active fans on a match; Gazprom “ Alexey Miller. It has arrived on stadium with the big Russian flag and even own hands has adhered it to a box fencing. The neck of mister Miller was decorated by the same three-coloured scarf. And to the subordinate, the vice-president “ Gazpromnefti “ To Alexander Dybalju, mister Miller has handed over dudelku. Mister Dybal, by its own recognition, had possibility “ vydudet all grief from defeat of our national team “.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov stood on an exit from stadium, having opened a back door “ Mercedes “ with a flasher. By there were fans who have decided to address it a question: why have lost? “ well, has not carried, to all happens “ - their minister consoled. Having shaken hands with the general director of radio station “ City - FM “ to Alexander Gerasimov, he has with inspiration added: “ We still will play on our field, we still will win, all at us ahead “. Though even the impenetrable optimist - the governor of Primorski Territory Sergey Darkin this evening has fairly become gloomy also any victorious forecasts did not do. It seemed, the deputy - polar explorer Arthur Tchilingarov most was upset. He went, having muffled in a fan scarf, with a kind of the chief of the expedition which have gone off-course.

, Moscow - Bruxelles - Dortmund