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Ritejlery cut shots

Russian grocery ritejlery reduce expenses, and first of all - to office personnel. X5 Retail Group (networks Pjaterochka the Crossroads the Roundabout ) Till the end of the year plans to leave from almost 30 % of office employees, GK Victoria only in November will reduce staff by 10 %. According to personnel agencies, dismissals expect employees the Seventh continent Moscow March Diksi and Vestera and kept workplaces it is necessary to prepare for revenue decrease on the average on 30 %.
General director 5 Retail Group Lev Hasis has told that till the end of the year the company will reduce to 30 % of the personnel Moscow and regional offices, or to 2 % from total number of employees (as of the second quarter of this year in the company worked more than 44,45 thousand persons). Reductions will pass in all divisions, first of all in departments of development, the finance, support personnel. significant we consider people who are engaged in operational management and purchases. But also there can pass reductions - mister Hasis has noted. According to analytical department of personnel agency Mozhaisk and partners on the basis of the analysis of open sources, the quantity of the resume from employees X5 in September has increased in 2,5 times in comparison with September of last year. Among them of 91 % - office employees X5, 3 % - a top - managers, 6 % - the linear personnel.

chairman of board of directors GK Victoria (networks Victoria Quarter Cheaply ) Nikolay Vlasenko says that only in November plans to reduce 10 % from total number working in the company (about 17 thousand persons). Employees of advertising department, PR - services, developments and several others " will be dismissed; not strategic departments . Has confirmed probability of reductions and the general director the Seventh continent Stepan Kovalchuk. Concrete figures he did not name, but has noticed that they will be more low, than at competitors . Quantity of the resume of employees the Seven appeared for October of this year, by data from open sources, in comparison with September has increased exactly twice, the general director of agency " speaks; Mozhaisk and partners Inna Mozhajsky. From searching for work now 5 % - a top - the personnel, 25 % - the linear personnel, 70 % - office personnel (experts of department of the personnel, PR - experts, experts in marketing).

the Vice-president Diksi Feodor Rybasov says that while the company does not see deterioration of operational results, considerable reduction of the staff will not occur. However in agency Mozhaisk and partners ascertain that quantity of the resume from employees Diksi has increased in 2,7 times, basically at the expense of office workers. The co-owner of a network Vester Oleg Bolychev notices that the average salary of managers of its company will be reduced on 20 - 25 %, reductions in departments of development, building, PR, office - managers are soon planned. never paid attention, how many in the company of employees duplicating each other. We do not need 12 secretaries, have left four - the businessman shares. Under the information Mozhaisk and partners for last month in 2,7 times the number of the resume of managers " has increased; Moscow March placed in open sources. Among those who searches for work: 17 % - a top - the personnel, 80 % - office employees, 3 % - the linear personnel. The vice-president Moscow March Simeon Slutsky says that in the company there is no formalized decision on personnel reduction .

Anybody from interrogated ritejlerov does not open, how many he expects to save, having reduced staff. Nikolay Vlasenko and Lev Hasis say that will publish the general figure later, and Stepan Kovalchuk asserts that only expects to increase profitability the Seventh continent at the expense of optimisation of staff to 10 - 10,5 % following the results of a year (in the second quarter profitability on EBITDA the Seven has made 8,9 %).

According to mister Vlasenko, in Victorias expenses for one employee strongly exceed the size of its salary. For example, if ordinary office manager gets in a network annual wages $36 thousand That at the expense of the maintenance of its workplace, sotspaketa and a miscellaneous cost the company in a year really spends for it $50 thousand, the businessman has counted up. According to mister Vlasenko, reduction of the staff will give Victorias possibility to lease the released workplaces. He says that some ritejlery already have gone on such way, having reduced the workplace area to one employee twice.

According to service of researches HeadHunter, now in a segment of a grocery retail two competitors apply for one vacancy against ones and a half in August on the average. From the middle of September the total quantity of offered vacancies at ritejlerov decreases on the average for 11 % a month, have counted up in HeadHunter. The partner of the personnel company Agency contact Galina Spasenova expects decrease in annual bonuses of the employees who have kept the workplace on the average on 30 %.