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Media of Selling was in Yandex

the Largest searcher of Russia Yandex has bought actives of the second-large agency on placing of banner advertising on the Internet Media of Selling on which the French media group Lagardere earlier applied. According to the experts, transaction cost has made $1 - 3 million Acquisition Media of Sellinga will allow - to the searcher to increase the Internet incomes of sale of the media advertising which market next year will make $435 million
Yandex does not open transaction structure, but it is known that Open Company " has been bought not; Media of Selling (in particular, sells advertising on sites vedomosti. ru, kommersant. ru), and company actives together with client base. We redeem all rights to a software, including system of display of banner advertising AWAPS, internal system of booking of the advertising areas and account AdOffice and others, - the commercial director " has told; Yandex Alexey Tretjakov. - Besides, a command Media of Sellinga - nearby 30 persons - come for work in Yandex . The founder Media of Sellinga the Lion Glazer has confirmed the transaction fact, but has refused to name its sum. The general director of agency MindShare Interaction Dmitry Ashmanov estimates actives Media of Sellinga in $1 - 3 million

By data SPARK - Interfax in 2007 Open Company gain Media of Selling on RSBU has made 167,8 million rbl. ($6,6 million), net profit - 10,6 million rbl. ($415 thousand) . To the transaction the unique owner of Open Company was, it agree EGRJUL, its general director the Lion Glazer.

by data SPARK - Interfax Open Company Yandex on 100 % belongs Dutch Yandex N. V . About 35 % Yandex through an offshore 15 % - Tiger Technologies, about 30 % - to founders of the company and 20 % - to minority shareholders, including managers belong to funds Internet Search Investments and Baring Vostok Capital Partners. In 2007 a gain Yandex has grown approximately on 130 % and has made $167 million on US GAAP.

Earlier it became known that the Lion Glazer carried on negotiations for sale Media of Sellinga to the French media group Lagardere (owns in Russia publishing house AFS - IMG and radio networks Europe plus Retro FM ) . I do not have any information on this theme - has declared yesterday the commercial director of the European media group (EMG; Maria Smirnova operates radio stations Lagardere in Russia). In August the company Media plus (the seller of advertising possibilities EMG) unexpectedly declared the beginning of sales of advertising in a social network Vkontakte though earlier about cooperation with a network, according to participants of the market, negotiations were conducted by the Lion Glazer. Mister Glazer has confirmed yesterday that during half a year carried on negotiations with Lagardere: It has appeared too traditional media company .

Alexey Tretjakov asserts that Yandex has bought Media of Selling to strengthen the positions in the market of banner advertising: ` Media Selling ` will be engaged, first of all, in creation and development of new media products. We, of course, have operating time in sphere of media advertising, but all of us - taki historically did an emphasis on the contextual. On banner advertising at us it is necessary all about 15 % of a gain . According to AdWatch, the volume of the market of media advertising this year will make $300 million, contextual - about $450 million next year the volume of the market of banner advertising is expected at $435 million level, and contextual - $650 million

Mister Tretjakov says that Yandex it is not ready to do forecasts concerning a share of media advertising in a gain in the future. Thus Yandex yet does not plan to refuse services of competing agency IMHO VI (enters into group Video of Interneshnl also sells advertising on sites Rambler Media). If the agency brings to us more than we could make we do not see sense to refuse it - Alexey Tretjakov has explained. As he said, now IMHO VI sells advertising on the main page Yandex in mail and a number of other projects. Chairman of the board IMHO VI Arsene Revazov has declared that for its company it is good news. Yandex has received strong technologies, they the main value Media of Sellinga . I do not think that Yandex will reconsider the contracts with us .