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Banks have tested Central Bank money

Bank of Russia yesterday for the first time has given to banks possibility to receive bezzalogovye credits. Despite proceeding crisis of liquidity, banks took hardly more half from greatest possible 700 mlrd Rate rbl. under credits reached 20 % annual, and, according to bankers, such expensive money took basically small banks for the operative decision of problems with client payments.
participate in auctions on distribution bezzalogovyh credits of Bank of Russia can 120 banks having the international rating of long-term credit status not below level In - from Fitch Ratings or Standard and Poor ` s or not more low 3 from Moody ` s Investors Service. Date of return of the credits which have been given out at the first auction, till November, 24th, further is supposed to give out credits within three months and half a year (see yesterday`s ) .

Conditions of granting of credits and limits in which limits of the Central Banks it was ready to finance banks, became known only during auction. According to participants of the market, to auction on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange 105 banks have been admitted. Yesterday 383 mlrd rbl. have received more than 80 banks, has declared the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov. In total within the limits of auction it has been distributed 387,7 mlrd rbl. As have informed representatives of the banks participating in auction, banks with the highest rating could obtain the credit at a rate of 1,2 capitals, an average - equal to the capital and with is minimum admissible rating - with factor 0,8 to the capital.

officially the disorder of rates is not disclosed, are known only minimum rate (8,5 % annual) and average (9,89 % annual) which has developed during auction. According to bankers, big banks did demands under is minimum possible rate. We took part in auction, but have involved the small sum as serious requirement for means we do not test - have informed in VTB, having noticed that means (volume in bank have refused to specify) will be used on primary activity financing. In department of public relations of Gazprombank have declared that the bank participated in auction, but money took it is a little . In Nomos - bank have informed that have involved small volume of means to test system. we plan to place surplus of means in the market of interbank crediting - vice-president Nomos - bank Vasily Fedorov has noted. According to one of bankers, practically anybody from banks has not used the allocated limit in full. basically the sums from 500 million to 2 mlrd rbl. " were involved; - the interlocutor " has explained; .

Big banks resupply liquidities at the expense of depositary auctions of the Ministry of Finance, and also in the market of interbank crediting - the analyst " marks; Uralsiba Denis Poryvaj. This week it is planned two depositary auctions of the Ministry of Finance. According to the ministry, on deposits of banks it is already placed 860 mlrd rbl. at a cumulative limit of temporarily available assets of the budget in 1,6 trln rbl.

that average banks more actively participated in yesterday`s auction, high enough average rate under Central Bank credits testifies, the first vice-president SB of Bank Andrey Egors believes. The banks which do not have access to depositary auctions, offered high enough rates at Central Bank auction, participants of the auctions speak. separate alarmists said that are ready to take Central Bank money under 13 % annual - has told the representative of one of banks - participants of auction. According to other banker, the maximum rate under which banks involved means, - 20 % annual. According to dealers of MDM - bank, morning of the rate in the market of interbank crediting for banks of the first circle were up to standard 40 - 50 % annual that there were no many years. After carrying out of auction of the rate have sharply decreased - to 4 - 7 %, for borrowers of the second circle - to level of 10 %.

Some banks which had until recently complexities with carrying out of payments, having received Central Bank means, have declared readiness to restore work. yesterday we have sent all detained client payments for the sum from above 1,6 mlrd rbl. - has informed the vice-president of board of bank the Moscow capital the Novel of Christening. Nevertheless, according to bankers, results of the spent auction to judge while early. At some banks of a problem with carrying out of payments arose from - for delays of means clients, - one of bankers has noted. - Besides, means have got into accounts of banks only by the evening, and hardly in this time it was possible to register all payments .