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Operupolnomochennyj on heroin sale

In city court of St.-Petersburg process on criminal case of the organised criminal community (OPS) which as considers a consequence, supervised heroin sale on Vasilevsky island has begun. As appears from business materials, the community consisted of 11 persons, three from which including the organizer, were operating police officers. Monthly income OPS as has counted up a consequence, made about 500 thousand rbl.
Working out of criminal community has begun in the beginning of 2006. The information on the group which is engaged in sale of heroin on Vasilevsky island, has simultaneously arrived in the Petersburg managements of FSB and FSKN. Both departments independently from each other were engaged in operative working out. The summer of 2006 had been detained the seller of drugs entering into it OPS then criminal case has been brought. In some months other participants of criminal community have been detained also.

According to the Petersburg investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, Andrey Lebedev was the organizer and the head of criminal community operupolnomochennyj Vasileostrovsky RUVD. Except it, in OPS two more operating police officers - Sergey Tishkov and Alexander Ryabtsev entered. On versions of the investigation, monthly income OPS made about 500 thousand rbl.

For wholesale deliveries of heroin the citizen of Estonia answered. It is remarkable that the apartment which was rented by members OPS for storage and packing of the goods, was directly in one building with Vasileostrovsky RUVD on Sea quay. Under the version of the investigation, the supplier of times in two days left in an agreed place of apartment the goods - from 1 to 3 kg of heroin, and in exchange took away money. Further participants OPS packed up a portion on 300 - 500 g which were transferred to smaller wholesalers. Those, in turn, packed up heroin on single doses and transferred their small sbytchikam, directly working with potion consumers. Sold the goods in streets on all Vasilevsky island - clients were constants. Before to sell a drug to the new person, figurants of business checked it on the channels.

to Troy police officers as considers a consequence, provided to narcobusinessmen the general protection, informed them on operative actions against drug dealers, gained those who all - taki came across to guards. drug traffic did not stop even during summit G8: militiamen named the ward days when to market a potion it is possible, and when it is impossible - has told the senior inspector of investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Alexander Osipkin. Besides, as he said, Andrey Lebedev personally checked each future sbytchika, giving or without giving OK to its work.

During a legal investigation on accused, actively co-operating with us and giving evidences against other participants OPS, employees Vasileostrovsky RUVD put pressure. In particular, to one of the accused tried to throw drugs and to detain him, to file criminal charges and by that to force to change the indication - mister Osipkin has told.

Nevertheless investigatory management has finished investigation to the logic end. All to 11 figurants of criminal case had been brought accusation in participation in the organised criminal community and a drug trafficking (in business contains such 30 episodes). In addition accusation in excess of powers of office has been brought to three former guards. On a consequence eks - militiamen declared that their prosecution - provocation with use of addicts with which they, actually, and struggled. From eleven figurants has put seven including three former guards, are in custody, the rest selects a preventive punishment in the form of a subscription about nevyezde.

, St.-Petersburg