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The assistant to the mayor will shoot for bribes

Were vitse - the mayor of Beijing Lju Chzhihua, holding this post in 1999 - 2006, it is sentenced to the death penalty for corruption. As has established a consequence, mister Lju supervising in the mayoralty sector of building and real estate, has received bribes for the sum over $1 million in Summer of 2006 when vitse - the mayor only have suspected in mzdoimstve, it has been dismissed from the post, and after half a year is excluded from Communist party numbers. Last hearing on business korruptsionera has occupied all half an hour. Many in the country have explained it so: the decision concerning Lju Chzhihua above it was accepted for a long time. It is considered that the authorities intentionally tightened with sentence announcement in connection with Olympic Games carrying out in Beijing in this summer, from - for which to China was especially steadfast attention of the international public repeatedly criticising the Peoples Republic of China for practice of the death penalty is riveted.

the sentence Carrying out were vitse - to the mayor has been appointed by court with a delay two years. It means that in case of good behaviour condemned the death penalty can be replaced by a life imprisonment. Otherwise Lju Chzhihua waits execution.