Rus News Journal

16 - 0000446

Open Company JUmark informs on property realisation OSHK the Ear , the address: RT, Tetjushsky r - n, d. ZHukovo, declares carrying out of auction 10 on cost increase on property sale.

a prize 120 : motor transport - 8 units, cars - 3 units, a combine, the hook-on technics and the equipment - 60 units, the initial price - 786 780,00.

the Prize 121 : buildings: Zernosklad, the Arch warehouse, Warm parking, the Mechanical workshop, Zernosklad, the Office building, the Cowshed, Teljatnik - only 8 units, the initial price - 901 368,00.

the Prize 122 : the complete set of building materials - 26 units, the initial price - 384 282,00.

the Auctions will take place 26. 11. 2008 in 10. 00 to the address: RT, Kazan, street Chujkova, d. 9, of. 1.

the Deposit of 10 % from the initial price. A step of the auctions of 2 % from the initial price.

the Winner of the auctions - the person who has offered highest the price. In day of tendering the winner and the organizer sign the report which is valid the contract. An imprisonment term of the contract of purchase and sale - within 10 days from the date of carrying out of results. Term of payment of total cost of the got property - no more than 30 days from the moment of summarising of the auctions. Acquaintance of participants with auction conditions, object characteristics, demands acceptance is carried out to the address: RT, Kazan, street Chujkova, d. 9, of. 1.

Inquiries on property, an order of registration of the demand in the auctions, to survey of property rights, acquaintance with the property list is spent to the address: RT, Kazan, street Chujkova, d. 9, of. 1, on bodies./ f. 8(843) 522-85-44.

demands acceptance Time - with 9. 00 to 16. 00 ch. To 21. 11. 2008

Requisites OSHK the Ear for deposit payment:

an INN/ a check point 1638000229/ 163801001, r/ about 40702810814220000167 branch of Open Society AK the Leopard to/ with 30101810000000000805, BIK 049205805.