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Gazprom Ministers of Energy of member countries of the European Union will admit in the European networks

have approved the project of liberalisation of the markets of the electric power and gas. Unlike the former requirement of Eurocommission to divide manufacture and energy and gas transportation (that project named antigazpromovskim), the new variant allows one owner to supervise both kinds of business. The interdiction for the admission of the companies of the third countries to power actives in the European Union also has disappeared - each state will independently solve this question. But the project does not remove all restrictions, besides it should be still approved EuroParliament.
on Friday at session in Luxembourg Ministers of Energy of 27 EU countries have supported a so-called third power package in much softer variant, than presented by Eurocommission in September, 2007. The essence of former offers was reduced to gas production and oil branch (electric power manufacture) from their transportation. Against the project all large power concerns of Europe acted, besides, it essentially limited possibilities of expansion of business Gazprom in the European Union. Under the pressure of Germany and France (are provided by the Russian gas on 40 % and 15 % accordingly) in the document corrective amendments have been introduced.

one of the main moments of the new agreement is the so-called point on activity division, according to which the power manufacturers buying power actives of this or that EU country, can own distributive networks in the given country though to operate them the independent operator should. In June of the EU country have preliminary agreed that the power companies can not sell the distributive actives in neighbouring countries if functions of manufacture of energy (or gas) and its distributions carry out different divisions. On Friday Ministers of Energy of EU have agreed that manufacturers of energy (or gas) cannot get in the EU countries which have already separated power manufacture from power distribution, the companies which are engaged only in distribution. Such division has occurred, for example, in Holland.

as has explained Ferran Tarradellas Espuni, a press - the secretary of Eurocommission concerning power, Ministers of Energy of the EU countries have approved the so-called reservation on to Gazprom which obliges the foreign enterprise admitted to the European distributive network, to submit to the same rules, as the European companies. For investments into power branch it will be necessary for all representatives of the third countries to obtain on this permit of the government of one of the EU countries and Eurocommission. this decision should be definitively approved EuroParliament till the end of the year or in the following beginning, - mister Tarradellas Espuni has added. - Each country itself will solve, whether can give to the third country to buy from it power actives .

In Gazprom on the new project yesterday did not make comments. Director East European Gas Analysis Michael Korchemkin notices that the agreement of ministers does not cancel the gas instruction of 2003 which resolves to Gazprom possession, but not management gazoraspredelitelnymi actives. However the expert does not consider it as serious restriction. In its opinion, the main obstacle of expansion Gazprom to Europe now will be not EU legislation, and shortage of money in connection with forthcoming decrease in the European prices for gas and, probably, volumes of its export .