Rus News Journal

34 - 0000209

Open Company Edvajs - the centre holds the auctions in the form of the public offer (offer) on sale of the property belonging to the enterprise - to the debtor MUP Energy .

the Property is located: the Saratov region, Balakovo, the Industrial zone, avenue Anonymous, 6:

a garage Building (1996/ 122 sq.) 101 609 rbl.

the Building of boiler shop with the technological boiler equipment (1968/ 864,5 sq.) 806 673 rbl.

the Office building with a cold extension (1968/ 38,2 sq.) 52 722 rbl.

the Construction - a platform under salt (1968/ 238,4 sq.) 69 309 rbl.

the One-storeyed household building (1968/ 4,6 sq.) 5 200 rbl.

Maintenance of 20 % from the initial price of a prize is brought on r/ with MUP Energy 40602810901000000078, Balakovsky branch AKB Sofia Balakovo not later than 2 days before end of term of giving of offers.

for giving of offers applicants request forms of offers and contracts on maintenance of the organizer of the auctions.

the made offers and the contracts signed by the applicant on maintenance in established by the organizer of the auctions to the form go: 413840, Balakovo - 23 Saratov region, and/ I 153.

Reception of offers begins 30. 10. 08 at 11:00, stops 25. 11. 08 in 16. 00.

Consideration of offers and summarising of the auctions - 27. 11. 08 to 16. 00 to the address: 413840, Balakovo the Saratov region, Transport, 2

the participant who has offered the greatest price for a prize Will win.

the winner concludes the contract of purchase and sale of property in tech. 10 dn. And oplach. It in tech. 30 dn from date it is brought. Results of the auctions.

the organizer of the auctions has the right to refuse their carrying out at any time.

Inquiries: (8452 77-54-14.