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The astrological forecast

  the Astrological forecast


Tuesday, on August, 5th
This day for commercial activity not the best (and even the worst this week). It is quite probable that it is too much energy you will put in purpose achievement, but only from it the purpose is not becomes closer. With each overcome obstacle you will come back back (instead of to move ahead), and you should finish affairs about which you have already forgotten for a long time. And to it - that we also advise to you to pay steadfast attention, while it is better not to think of the beginning of new affairs. Is better to be engaged in laborious work today. Today will be very strained for Twins, Fishes and Scorpions.
conflicts to colleagues - from - for unwillingness to go on compromises today are possible. Not to get under cross fire of subordinates, we advise to chiefs not to convoke any meetings or to finish them as soon as possible.
it will be difficult to carry on negotiations now. uvlekshis the thoughts, you can miss favourable enough offers. The same concerns signing of documents - trifles can have crucial importance.
secular receptions will pass today tensely enough, the same it is possible to tell and about personal relations. Family people can have conflicts to children.
Wednesday, on August, 6th
Tomorrow will be quite good for business. So to use it it is necessary productively. Is better to be engaged in large affairs, and minor to postpone. We advise also to give to more time to dialogue with foreign partners. The business connected with art will be successful.
tomorrow you will be vigorous, and your thinking will be sober, therefore for planning environment approaches ideally. Develop global projects, thus be not afraid to threaten on impossible - even the most courageous undertakings are realised. The unique prevention: do not rest hope of doubtful projects and do not count on unreliable sources of financing.
good time for dialogue with lawyers. Does not prevent to discuss with them legal aspects of activity of firm and to put things in order in the documentation.
in such day as tomorrow`s, it is possible to settle conflicts easily. So if on Tuesday all of you - taki have quarrelled with relatives take the first step to reconciliation.
tomorrow it is possible to visit safely the chief in working conditions. There will be nothing surprising if he offers you more highly paid post (first of all on it Sagittariuses and Arieses) can hope. But do not hasten to agree - probably, within the next few days to you more tempting offers will arrive.