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Split in Sojuzkontrakte

In Sojuzkontrakte half-decay process
  Split in Sojuzkontrakte

In Sojuzkontrakte half-decay process

the Company was left by two co-owners and hundreds managers
the Largest importer of foodstuff to Russia - holding Sojuzkontrakt - recently has suffered a number of the most serious losses. At first a door have slapped two top - the manager - general director and the first vice-president who besides are also shareholders of Joint-Stock Company Sojuzkontrakt . To their example two hundreds employees from Petersburg and nju - jorkskogo company offices have followed. Sojuzkontrakt suddenly has lost the basic import channel as through Petersburg port to Russia there was a most part of all goods. Also has lost a financial support: the ONEXIMBANK has closed to holding demand lines of credit.

Sojuzkontrakt it is based in 1991 by Michael Ljubovichem and Alexey Goldstein. In 1992 into number of co-owners of holding have entered Yury Rydnik and Konstantin Romanov. A turn in 1996 - $800 million, number working - 3,5 thousand persons.

the holding has lost the face
Heads Sojuzkontrakta have hastened to declare that accident has not occurred. In their press - release it is informed that the employees who have left the company make only 1,5 % from total number of workers of holding. The new general director of a group of companies Sojuzkontrakt Michael Ljubovich has assured the correspondent the Businessman - Daily that irreplaceable people does not happen and moreover - leaving of these people has played even a positive role for the company, as all in the company were stirred up, and the normal system " began to be built;.
However relative density of losses Sojuzkontrakta it has appeared much above, than follows from estimations of its management. The most notable loss became Yury Rydnika`s leaving, one of co-owners of holding. Rydnik combined a post of the general director of a group of companies Sojuzkontrakt with a post of chairman of board of directors BaltOnEkSiMbanka (supervised by group ONEXIMBANK - MFK). With leaving of Rydnika ONEXIMBANK and Sojuzkontrakt have stopped any partner relations. The bank which was one of strategic partners of holding, has closed Sojuzkontraktu demand lines of credit (on hearings - about $300 million annually) in Moscow and Petersburg. After that Sojuzkontrakt visors from ONEXIMBANK branches the accounts.
vice-president Konstantin Romanov became other significant loss. He was engaged in regional development of holding: interaction with representative offices and work on investment projects in regions. Romanov itself went to agree with heads of local administrations about maintenance of a favorable investment climate on places. Besides, it represented the company in the state structures (on hearings, it had the big communications in the various ministries and departments). Romanov has helped Sojuzkontraktu this year to receive at the state the soft loan under the program of financing of agrarian and industrial complex of the Krasnodar and Stavropol edges and the Rostov region.
Rydnik with Romanov were in own way the person Sojuzkontrakta . They conducted all directions of external work: communicated with clients, signed contracts, appeared in print. Others a top - managers, no less than co-owners Sojuzkontrakta are almost unknown out of company walls.
Yury Rydnik explains the rupture with partners to that it, being the general director Sojuzkontrakta really could not render a great influence on company strategy. Its offers did not find support at the senior partners - Alexey Goldstein and Michael Ljubovicha. For example, Rydnik considered that financing of agricultural manufacturers in the south of Russia is capable to shake holding position strongly. In its opinion, failure in this project can lead to a lethal outcome of all company. And Rydnik has suggested to diversify risks and to break holding into some legal bodies. Partners have disagreed with it, as has served as the reason of its leaving.

soon, very soon we will construct a city
Having left camp Sojuzkontrakta Yury Rydnik and associates have created at once the new company the Baltic group . She will be engaged in the same, than and Sojuzkontrakt - to import to Russia foodstuff, using thus all links sojuzkontraktovskoj chains - from New York (14 of 20 employees of the American office Sojuzkontrakta have followed Rydnikom) to distributors in regions. And financial support to the new enterprise is provided with BaltONEKSIMbank.
the top - managers has struck Leaving on the vital points Sojuzkontrakta . Employees nju - jorkskogo bought holding representations about half of products imported to Russia. And through the Petersburg port passed 90 % of import deliveries Sojuzkontrakta . After dismissal from Petersburg representation of 70 top managers led by director Stanislav Romanjukom and almost all security service (nearby 130 persons) import deliveries of the company have been suspended.
the communications built for years were broke off suddenly, and in the released niche has directed the Baltic group . Sojuzkontraktu most likely, it will be possible to restore in due course the dropped out links, but by that moment Yury Rydnika`s new company for certain will occupy a part of the market before belonging Sojuzkontraktu . Which - it becomes clear very soon.

Okorochok of contention
Left the ranks Sojuzkontrakta to Yury Rydniku and Konstantin Romanov in the sum belongs about 20 % of actions Sojuzkontrakta . But the holding - the closed joint-stock company and under the current legislation, cannot have foreign shareholders. That is Rydnik and Romanov should sell the share souchrediteljam. But those in view of the financial difficulties connected with a response of the demand line of credit, cannot redeem now 1/ all 5 actives (it is a question about hundreds millions dollars). Rydnik with Romanov have offered an exit from a stalemate - to give them a property part Sojuzkontrakta . It can be 19 % of actions of the Petersburg ship-building factory Northern shipyard (recently the enterprise has received the order for building of two destroyers for Naval Forces of China). Or 35 % of shares of company the Regional clod having the licence for granting of services of cellular communication in Leningrad region. Other variants were discussed also.
however co-owners Sojuzkontrakta do not want to share with the former partners. They motivate the refusal by that Rydnik with Romanov in infringement of former arrangements have created the competing company, and in - the second - were spent too much in due time by corporate assets for personal needs.
in this situation one is clear only - process of section of property Sojuzkontrakta promises to be loud. - Daily will watch succession of events.