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the Richter scale

the Richter scale

Yesterday Moscow waited a funeral of the largest musician of our century, last representative of a galaxy of great Russian pianists - Svjatoslava Richter.

Carrying out Svjatoslava Richter`s will, its widow asked about that there were no speeches, civil funeral. Therefore the Italian court yard of a museum of a name of Pushkin where the coffin has been established, classical art of the Renaissance and piano music - Richter`s records became symbols of farewell to the left classic. At least three generations of the capital intelligency, measured own life under the Richter scale were deserted, and together with them Russian culture of the XX-th century was deserted. But let to be consoled to us Svjatoslava Richter`s words will help, there is no time told by it about Prokofiev: I thought of Prokofiev, but was not distressed, after all we are not distressed because that have died Haydn or Andrey Rublyov .

Bella Akhmadullina, the poetess:
- I would tell that the considerable part of our general with it of time today has come to an end. I always felt that concerning me, my time, my life it - not from today. From tomorrow.
But music, as it is known, worries both authors, and executors. And on it we will rely only. And in it we will search for our consolation.

Nikolay Petrov, the pianist:
- I am convinced that this loss is especially irreplaceable that in our pianistic camp he is last musician of a great galaxy. Gilels has left, Maria Veniaminovna Yudin has left, Richter has left. God grant, from them there was one only Glory Rostropovich.
their size, their genius that each of them had the unique handwriting, the performing style. Rihterovsky game has been recognised the same as the poetry Ahmatovoj, Modigliani`s painting has been recognised.
the vacuum in which we have come to be, is especially awful, that not soon still will come the people, capable to sate our intelligence how it has been given Richter. In Richter to me that he never even for fun spoke about itself(himself) seems to the most huge: Today I played ingeniously as it is afforded now by many just hatching musicians. After a concert it remained in a hall till five mornings and cleaned to one it conducted osypki. At the expense of this great doubt it will become history of culture.

Oleg Tabakov, the actor and the director:
- All know that it was the great musician. But, as well as the Pushkin at everyone, I think, there was a Richter. I have learnt it for a long time, when veins the parasite in a family of artist Valentine Serova. Me drove then in the Big hall of Conservatory to attach to music. But I there usually fell asleep at any concert. And so, the first concert on which I did not sleep, was a concert of Svjatoslava Teofilovicha...
Then I much he listened. That is, of course, much less, than it would be desirable. But always, when heard, how he plays, did not leave feeling of any other measurement. I always knew that it is ingeniously presented person, but as - it is awkward to tell that about it aloud. And now here both the nonsense I understand also fault - that nedoslushal.
He was able to be surprised, rejoice to another`s talent. So on - he children`s has with amazement apprehended gift of Vana Kliberna. It was marvellous, motsartianskoe Richter`s quality... Having learnt about his death, I have sharply had a feeling obdelennosti and an orphanhood. Now I abuse myself: and at that concert was not, both on it, and on those December evenings not two times has got, and only one...

Inna Prus, the critic, the chief executive of festival December evenings :
- For the first time I have heard Richter, apparently, in February, 1946. And since then there was no its any concert in Moscow which I would pass. He after all played to Moscow much. I remember its performances and at music schools, and hardly probable not debut in a museum - it Pictures from an exhibition not to mention the Big and Small halls of Conservatory. My God, where only he did not play! Now I damn myself that did not write down its rehearsals when it at us did an opera; its conversations with musicians whom it conducted days and the whole nights before two first in the December evenings . We sat days and nights successively: it is unimportant that there was - Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Those years that as the fates decree I could participate in preparation of this festival, I have learnt and have fallen in love with Richter as the person - surprising, light, unusual.

Peter Merkurev, the assistant to the editor-in-chief of the newspaper the Musical review :
- I Want to tell that has heard when - that from pianist Alexander Slobodjanika. They sat houses at Richter, as always spoke about music much. Then someone was suddenly switched to a policy (business was when Americans have mined Hanoi) supposedly now Nixon for what will not arrive to Moscow. On what Richter has looked eyes of the idiot - it was the remarkable actor, these are all knew, - and has said: And what, unless from America it is necessary to fly to Moscow through Hanoi?
and one more history from those times when Richter begged to work in Conservatory. And so, there was it in an office at Sveshnikov - the conservatoire rector of that time - and hears: write the application - I ask to accept me... here Richter has put aside a sheet of paper and was surprised: Unless I ask it? Allow, I about what I do not ask .

Vladimir Martynov, the composer:
- With this person all has come to an end. The century of Russian culture has come to an end. Probably, it is necessary to tell so: there were one peteushniki.

Vera Gornostaeva, the professor of the Moscow conservatory:
- These days I thought of Richter much. Though it is a subject of my reflexions at all last three days, and last fifty years. It has entered into my life, when to me was seventeen and I have arrived in a class of Nejgauza.
In Richter there was one property which I will not remember in anybody the friend: the person huge, it was the person restrained. The first that it is possible to read in his face, whether it be a photo, the newsreel or life is the greatest nobleness. He was able to be above the glory. After all having reached incomparable heights, it remained the restrained person, disinterested, very ironic in relation to itself(himself).
Living in a hard time Stalin, poslestalinskogo a mode, Richter has appeared above a mode. He has not allowed a mode to involve itself(himself) in what. He never signed nothing, in any public actions did not participate. He never took the call phone. Lifted it, only if Nina Lvovna called. Never watched TV: Considered that it as - that zamusorivaet the person. Degree of independence of its art, human thinking was fantastic.
it has been turned a back to a mode, to a policy. He admired Solzhenitsynym, but concerning that exception of the Union of the Soviet writers spoke: Same the union of bad writers. So it is good that Solzhenitsyna therefrom have excluded .
the Vast culture which he owned, did by its opponent of any advertising, any ostentatious life. I remember a concert, which Richter gave in the first anniversary of death of Henry Nejgauza. Naturally, on it prishlja all Moscow. But in the poster it has not been specified at all that to Nejgauz - its teacher. All understood, for the sake of what a concert. But Richter did not carry to itself neither admiration, nor an applause. It almost did not bow, as considered that all it should belong to Nejgauzu.
every year on April, 12th in birthday Nejgauza at Richter gathered musicians, there were flowers, portraits, music sounded. Once he has asked to play us. It was class evening without the teacher. The feeling was almost religious.
he lived in any world and has created round itself a certain spiritual aura to which those who was with it nearby, and those who came on its concerts have got also.

Alexey Ljubimov, the pianist:
- I would tell that Richter is a live classic modern pianizma. Among present executors neither here, nor abroad there is no person of such scale, managed to capture both chamber, and symphonic music, and enormous solo repertoire as it he has managed.
I cannot press now in conversations about important for me its properties pianizma. But I will notice, what even in comparison with many ravnomasshtabnymi modern pianists it is unique, is not surpassed. For Richter neither in repertoire, nor in role never was any borders.

Michael Shvydkoj, the deputy minister of culture of Russia:
is there was last great musician of our country, yes will forgive me all living. This was the person who was able to observe a distance between creativity, the power and life. Which considered autonomy of creativity as the higher personal property. In it it was subjective, selfish even. And in its this happiness - he did not fuss how the big musicians fuss today even.
the material was prepared by ELENA - CHEREMNYKH