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The ending of competition Elite Model Look 97

the Russian models begin career at a cinema
  the Ending of competition Elite Model Look 97

the Russian models begin career at a cinema

In past uik - end at a cinema Pushkin the Russian ending of leading world competition of models Elite Model Look has taken place. Models competed within two hours for the right to represent our country on the autumn international ending in Nice. However will continue struggle for a treasured first place (as it is known, guaranteeing the two-year contract with agency Elite and $150 thousand) Only winners of the Russian ending from Moscow Region and Rostov-on-Don.

the Present Russian ending of popular international competition of models became revelation for professionals. It has appeared that for seven years of carrying out of competition (unlike other competitions of models, Elite Model Look it is spent to Russia regularly) at us the new generation of the girls answering to the present world standards of beauty was generated. About what all judges which brightest representatives this time were Vyacheslav Zajtsev, the winner of last international competition Elite Diana Kovalchuk, Lyudmila Isaeva - Malakhov (seven years ago it the first of our models has received at once some covers Vogue) and a scout - the director of agency Elite Domenik Kaffa, by the way, spoke.
Our little girls of soon all here will replace, - the visitor of last Parisian defiles Vyacheslav Zajtsev responded about our models. - where come, continuous our models. Young, beautiful, on such and to look pleasantly. But here that is surprising, ` old guards ` (it is a question about 23 - 24 summer models also participating in displays haute couture.-) from new does not lag behind. Ours - that ` old women ` still very much even and neither do not concede anything to Frenchwomen, nor Englishwomen .
According to the jury, each of 21 participants, a few having studied to go and behave on a podium, it is already capable to work on prestigious displays. However this circumstance has forced professionals to work fairly while still one year ago the jury without special work has defined that Diana Kovalchuk should become the main pretender to a victory. By the way, among present participants there were the girls similar to Diana, but nevertheless obviously conceding to this new hope Elite whose grace and beauty have been especially noted a top - model by Linda Evangelistoj, designating young model the big future.
Winners - brown-haired woman Liza Shmakov (from Rostov-on-Don) and blonde Elena Buneeva (from Moscow Region), on the contrary, rather differed from Diana. And it, on - to opinion of the president of agency Red Stars (the organizer of Russian ending Elite), offered it certain advantages in struggle. At competitions often happened that the girl did not reach the final only because was similar to already succeeded model. And at times to career of little-known model stirred claims of its known competitor: so, become famous for the scandalous customs Naomi Campbell in the 21 year persistently demanded from management Elite to leave younger black model, by sight Naomi copying it of a manner and appearance. And as a black pearl was in agency on special to the account, its claims have been satisfied.
early age - one more of important barriers to beginning model. The present star of present competition became still absolutely young and clumsy enough red-haired Vick Mihalevich (on assurances of organizers of competition, it have found a day before the ending). Here it is the present good luck! - stylist Andrey Manovtsev has commented on the first occurrence Vicks on a podium. - As early as a year, and it becomes the superstar on manners Kate Moss, Stelly Tennant, Dzhoddi Kid. Though and today it can work quite successfully in advertising. Will carry the companies which will conclude with it the contract .
By the way, the present ending has appeared is especially rich on secular characters, and especially on stylists, fashion designers and photographers of a fashion. Literally all prominent representatives of the domestic world of a fashion have considered as the debt to appear in Pushkin at least for a short while. So, for example, have made (as they said, called in in Pushkin between important issues) Valentine Gneushev, Julia Dalakjan, Andrey Manovtsev and Natalia Naftalieva. But even the professionals who have by the way glanced on competition marked high level of the organisation of the present ending and considerable possibilities of the reconstructed cinema Pushkin - new and rather successful meeting place of representatives of the world of a fashion of Russia.