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The international commodity markets

the Prices of the basic exchange goods at the international stock exchanges
  the International commodity markets

the Prices of the basic exchange goods at the international stock exchanges

*Βεχεπνθι fixing.
** the Price of the buyer/ the seller.
*** 1000 wood foots = 2,36 cubic m.
**** the Price on 30. 07.
***** In pounds sterling.
the Accepted reductions: ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpen) - the North European free market of oil, CBT - Chicago Board of Trade (USA), COMEX - Commodity Exchange (USA), CSCE - Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange (USA), NYCE - New York Cotton Exchange (USA), LME - London Metal Exchange (Great Britain), LIFFE - London International Financial Futures Exchange (Great Britain), NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange (USA), IPE - International Petroleum Exchange (Great Britain), CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (USA).

Nonferrous metals go up in price on either side of Atlantic
In London at the auctions on Friday of the price for aluminium have grown to extraordinary high level since 1995. Tin and nickel have caused a stir also. Tin quotations have risen on $100 for ton, and nickel has grown in price after the message on strike at the Canadian nickel factory.
the rise in prices for aluminium speaks occurrence the market of superfluous number of short-term contracts which have drawn attention of speculators. The prices of futures for aluminium with term of delivery have increased 3 months by $39 for ton. Forecasts of analysts should please players on increase: deficiency of deliveries of aluminium will be felt at least before the end of the century.
in New York the attention of traders has been once again chained to the market of precious metals, namely to platinum and a palladium. The prices for these metals have grown from - for fresh messages on problems with their delivery. Analysts assert that the next delivery of a palladium from Russia to Japan will occur not earlier than August, 6th, and already put quantity far does not satisfy requirement. Besides, faults with deliveries from the republic of South Africa if miners there declare strike are expected. On Friday at the auctions new records under September futures for a palladium, at the prices for a cash palladium and under October futures for platinum have been established.