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According to last sociological poll, about twenty percent of Russians
  Direct speech

According to last sociological poll, about twenty percent of Russians hope considerably to increase the well-being by 2000. How our readers estimate prospects of improvement of the financial position by this time? And which image are going to correct the affairs? About it we have asked them.

Yury Tjamushkin, the chief kontrolno - auditing management at Federal management on affairs about an inconsistency and bankruptcy:
- it is unconditional, I - however, as well as all other people, - I want to grow rich. But now it is possible only at transition to work in any commercial structure or at substantial increase on service. While I do not hope for it. Now the salary of the head of department where - that $300 and what it is possible to buy now on such money in Moscow? It is possible to consider as the normal salary the sum about $1,5 - 2 thousand It would be very good, if by 2000 I received at least one thousand. While employees can hope for it more a high rank only.

Vladimir Shibalkov, the chief of department of reconstruction of five-floor available housing of the Moscow mayoralty:
- As my incomes can increase, if I work every day for 14 hours, and thus my salary makes 764 thousand roubles a month. I very much love the work and, first of all, for that that I can see its results. Therefore also I will not throw it never in spite of the fact that there are places where to me would pay much more. In Europe, for example, the official of such level as I, receive $2 - 3 thousand monthly, but to us before it is still very far. There are no rich states to poor civil servants - so while in Russia such low payment of government officials remains, it is not necessary to speak about general economic lifting. The unique hope - that Yury Mihajlovich Luzhkov will fulfil the promise and will raise the salary of the Moscow officials in 1,5 times.

Sergey Yesin, the general director of firm the Black pearl :
- I am not ready to answer this question still. I can not tell anything. Our economy at present is in such started condition what even to plan anything it is impossible!

Edward Limonov, the writer:
- I earn money that I write books. Fees - my unique income for today. At us in the publishing house country now on the verge of ruin. Therefore I at all can always receive the lawful earnings. But even if to me would pay everything, and it is any ten percent from circulation sale, it all the same would not suffice on comfortable life. So in the future I expect only deterioration of the position.

Anna Sverdlova, the assistant to the general director of Moscow representation American Chamber of Commerce:
- In this company I work only two weeks. But while everything that I see, testifies to well-being and reliability of firm. All my plans are connected with this new place of work. I think that here I will correct the financial affairs, after all well-being of the employee completely depends on company prosperity in which it works. The American chamber of commerce constantly extends, opens branches in many cities of Russia, therefore the hope of fast success does not leave me.

Pavel Makagonov, the deputy chief of department of the mayor of Moscow:
- I will not receive more money for the service, at least, in the nearest some years. But to leave in other place I do not gather, as now I am completely shipped in the business. Never until, as I have held this post, my EFFICIENCY was not so is great. It is necessary to work not only for the sake of money, but also for the sake of sensation of own advantage. Only the combination of these two pleasures allows the person to be realised in life. However, for the state it would be useful to lift payment of officials, after all money is and there is an independence.

Vladimir Pozdnyakov, the assistant to the deputy of the State Duma Gennady Zyuganov:
- Hopes of twenty percent of our compatriots in general are groundless. Simply Russian people have got used to trust in the best. Only will be worse, especially when denomination of money will begin. This reduction of zero on pieces of paper will lead to definitive ruin of people. All will rush to buy up currency and products of the first necessity as it was in 1990 - 1991. I do not represent, as it is possible to think of increase in the income when the people and the country perish.