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Christie ` s — the leader of auction wars

Christie ` s - the leader of auction wars

the Old competition of two largest auction houses - Sotheby ` s and Christie ` s - has become aggravated to a limit. By results of this season, the total sum of sales Christie ` s has made $908 million Meanwhile Sotheby ` s which in a current of many years number one was considered as the auction house, has earned on $48 million less. In the general opinion of experts of the art market, present position Sotheby ` s (actually, not too tragic, as 5 - a percentage difference in goods turnover which separates it from Christie ` s, not God knows what huge separation) - result of some underestimation by a management of the auction house of a role of high-class experts. It is curious that Christie ` s has especially succeeded in the market of impressionist and postimpressionist painting - just in that area where Sotheby ` s has lost high quality experts: last spring David Nash who is included into number of large experts in art of a boundary XIX - the XX-th centuries among representatives of auction sphere (in the world only three - such four experts) has been released from a post of the director of department Impressionist and Modern Art. The largest collection of painting of the end XIX - the beginnings of the XX-th century meeting Leman - Leb has been sold in May at auctions Christie ` s. Also has brought to the auction house $92,7 million
Sotheby ` s which used to know also the best times (in October, 1990 it has established a record, having sold a collection of impressionists from John Doransa`s meeting for $123,5 million), tears literally and throws. It is said that if Nash`s resignation has not taken place, the collection of Leman - Leb could get Sotheby ` s.
Julia Romanovsky

Black sea gets the film festival
In Yalta prepare for opening of the first International Yalta film festival. The ministry of culture of Republic of Crimea has decided to revive glory of Yalta as the cinema centre, died away together with activity of a local film studio. These ideas, truth, came and to other heads. Speak, Mark Rudinshtejn in Yalta originally conceived to spend the love Faces . But while jaltintsy have decided to manage by own strength. Businessman Sergey Pospelov known in Crimea will supervise over festival, and the first jury will be headed by director Vladimir Motyl. Without applying for the world status, organizers have limited a festival area to the Black Sea region. In competition pictures from Russia, Ukraine will be presented, to Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia. The extensive out-of-competition program, basically borrowed at the come to the end Moscow film festival is provided.
Pavel Sigalov

the French museums endure crisis
the French Association of national museums suffers heavy losses: deficiency for 1996 has made 86,1 million francs (about $14 million). Association has been created in the end of the last century. Its primary goal - acquisition of works of art for collections of national museums, and also the organisation of time exhibitions. Commercial activity of association includes realisation of catalogues, post cards, souvenirs and etc. the Unsuccessful policy in this area has led to financial difficulties all organisation. At growth of sales in the beginning 1990 - h the network from 40 boutiques in museums across all France, become has been too hasty developed now by a source of problems. Position is aggravated with unforeseen expenses for fight against terrorism and falling of attendance of museums.
Andrey Kachanov

Alexander Todchuk has opened studio in Tchaikovsky hall
the Moscow stylist Alexander Todchuk already known in domestic fashionable circles and sphere of show - business, has decided to impart experience and knowledge. For this purpose it has opened in Moscow at once some the studios, one of which (with grandiose enough name Triumph ) It is necessary to work in Tchaikovsky hall. In its opinion, so obvious affinity to musical circles defines present interests of Todchuka ready also to continue own creative researches among a new set of clients. and than actually we are worse! - has declared Todchuk to journalists. - it is unfair that in Moscow it is full of salons with known western names and practically is not present with ours .
Natalia Orlova

In gallery Uffitsi general reconstruction
the Ministry of culture of Italy begins has allocated the large sum for reconstruction of Florentine gallery Uffitsi which owns one of the world`s largest meetings of art of Renaissance. Restoration works in Palatstso Vekkio became necessary in 1993 - m after in a building the bomb was broke off. Then in the Palace windows and stained-glass windows have been broken, painting has suffered from their splinters, the museum office building has been completely destroyed. Just now the government has dared at serious reconstruction of gallery and has allocated for this purpose 70 mlrd lyres ($39 million). By 2000 the gallery area should increase almost four times (from 7 thousand to 30 thousand sq.). To 30 - ti to the halls opened now, it will be added 90 more. In new premises Rubens and Titian`s pictures which were stored decades in store rooms, and also the Roman sculpture (now it is in the Archaeological museum of Florence) will be exposed. Besides, at a museum the new library calculated on many thousand of volumes, a bookshop and restaurant (last promise to open on December, 16th, 1998) will be constructed. Loggia della Signoria, the tower of XIV century close to gallery, will be surrounded terrasnym by a garden.
Tatyana Markin

Kvinsi Johns has quarrelled with the business partner
Four-year business ties between the well-known producer and composer Kvinsi Johns and its partner David Zaltsmanom were broke off just on the eve of start of their new joint program - night television a current - show Vibe. Their company QDE (Quincy Jones/ David Salzman Entertainment) which was engaged in shooting and hire a current - show and night comedy serials has simultaneously finished the existence. The former partners have declared that no serious disagreements between them existing and are not present. According to Zaltsmana, their parting means only that has bothered them to work only with each other . Nevertheless both while remain exclusive producers Vibe.