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The magazine announcement the Autopilot

the Most august and special
  the magazine Announcement the Autopilot

the Most august and special

Such will meet the reader the Autopilot in August
Ready here - here to appear on counters the August issue the Autopilot it is fresh and cool to the touch and a sight - anyway, for the first time on a cover there was a water. However ripened by August till a record thickness number not only freshens the reader. While the auto world has stood in expectation of the Moscow motor show, the Autopilot Speaks about its novelties. It is considered that on an outcome of summer people not only thirst, but also change cars. Now they can safely do it, thumbing through the August issue.
however, not by cars this number, but severe problems, with them connected opens. In a month will open a season of the discussions the State Duma and again will not discuss the law of obligatory insurance of a civil liability. We remind that it is such piece, with which help you will always know what to do when into you ran, or you ran. In the struggle for cleanliness of road morals the Autopilot again comes back to a sick theme and writes the letter to the Duma. Also suggests all it to read and discuss.
traditional the test - drajvy open the most nonconventional Mercedes for all history of mankind, so-called And - a class. After a debut on the Geneva motor show readers long waited some the high-grade test of this miracle and, here after all, have waited.
on them, readers, to persevering requests, the Autopilot by cars not only goes, but also compares them among themselves. Fiat Coupe born in Mecca of an automobile fashion, Italy, and Hyundai Coupe this time have got to the pair test - perhaps, the first Korean sporty coupe corresponding to representations about similar type of the car. After all the Asian appearance in application to the car long did not serve as the quality symbol.
having decided that between Europe and Asia habitual opposition is not present more, the Autopilot has put on airs and has taken seat in a limousine. That also it to test. Time comes to to someone mind to go by such cars, the holy duty " means; the Autopilot to find out - what it is necessary this heroic to people in cases On leather seats in the conditioned belly of any Volvo - 960 Stretch?
After a limousine conscientious to the Autopilot it wanted to be painful more close to the people. Which, for example, so loves inexpensive off-road cars. And so counts that car Asia Rocsta collected in Kaliningrad will give to the Post-Soviet person at last the present jeep with an optimum parity of quality and costs! Therefore the Autopilot has gone to test the Korean beach off-road car for the Kaliningrad beaches. In the same place, in were east - the Prussian earths, and nowadays the Russian remote places, edition it was possible to find out a curiosity - old and stylish German car Wanderer.
But on it requirement for care of expectations of simple motorists at the Autopilot has not run low at all. The charter to be on the way to the reader in eternal Moscow stoppers, edition has asked itself a question: Whether there is such transport which would be both personal, and comfortable but to which jams would not be terrible? a motor scooter - edition has assumed and as always has decided to confirm all with experiment, having arranged races with the car on capital choking with stoppers. Before reading of number you have time for an answer - who has won? .
the sports passion the Autopilot realised also in a heading Man`s pleasures what always were an auto racing, especially such, as in Le - Manet. As it was found out, there, where the destiny of the first places dares, start up only attendants. And the correspondent the Autopilot .
And at last, attaching the reader to other pleasures of high-grade life, the Autopilot opens for it some cultures: the countries of Mexico, swimming on superexpensive boats, carrying of cowards and pryganija from high-voltage towers. All that can decorate your life as soon as you replace to yourselves the car... Having read for this purpose August the Autopilot .