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Athenes Track and field athletics

the Russian athletes pursues failures
  Athenes Track and field athletics

the Russian athletes are pursued by failures

Gold medals while are not present, and two pretenders to a victory have got serious traumas
In Athenes the World championship on track and field athletics proceeds. Russian national team after two days of competition has not won any gold medal. In qualifying competitions serious traumas have received Anna Birjukova (a threefold jump) and the main hope of Russian national team Svetlana Masterkova (1500 metres). From Athenes the correspondent " transfers; the Businessman - Daily BORIS - HODOROVSKY.

$60 000 instead of Mercedes
Prior to the beginning of starts in the attention centre there was a president of the International federation of track and field athletics (IAAF) Primo Nebiolo. On a press - conferences he has told about impressing scales of influence queens of sports . In the World championship in Athenes performance of 1957 athletes from 200 countries is planned. To many national federations IAAF has paid journey and residing of participants. As a result in Athenes sportsmen, metajushchie a disk of all of metres on 40 have directed. However mass character - a corner stone of policy IAAF.
One more principle of work of the International federation is the care of attraction to the largest starts of a season of stars of the first magnitude. For prize-winners of the Athenian championship are provided bonus at a rate of $60 thousand, $30 thousand and $20 thousand accordingly for the first - the third places. From rewarding of champions Mercedes organizers have refused. After last championship the Russian sportswoman Irina Stankin who has fairly won the prestigious car, long time could not import it into native land. For customs clearing from the champion on sports walking $32 thousand demanded, and the question should be solved at the governmental level. Present sponsors of the championship of firm MITA and TDK have decided to encourage new world record-holders. For the records established in the championship in Athenes, to sportsmen is due on $100 thousand.

the highlight of the program
On Sunday the endings of hundred-metre races invariably causing heightened interest at journalists and public have taken place. At women duel for gold Ukrainian Jeanne Pintusevich and American Merion Johns have moved. Pintusevich has laid out the trumps, already in preliminary running having shown the best result for all career - 10,90 seconds the American has answered with class run in a semi-final - 10,94. After finish in final running Jeanne has rushed on a path, assured of the victory. Behind it the photo crowd - and television reporters has directed. And during this moment on stadium declared: the world champion became Johns.
dreams to improve Donovan Bailey`s record new world champion Moris Green. In Athenes it did not have not enough for this purpose 0,03 seconds Odnako Green has beaten all competitors - except Bailey, there were behind Frenki Frederiks, Ato Boldon, Tim of Montgomery - and by right has deserved a title of the king of sprint.

medals for Russia
In an active of Russians after first two days of competitions silver and bronze. To the third in a hammer throwing, having shown the best in a season result, there was Vasily Sidorenko. Silver limited walker Michael ShChennikov. For me it is success. Very long ago won nothing on 20 km - he has told to the correspondent. Gold to Russians did not manage while to be won. The broken away Ilya Markov after three preventions for infringement of rules of walking has been disqualified. On Sunday the main hope of Russian national team Svetlana Masterkova was traumatised in the first circle of qualifying runnings on 1500 metres and has stopped the performances in Athenes. All semifinal running Svetlana ran in in the lead group, but for 30 metres to finish from - for intolerable pains has been compelled to withdraw. A racetrack of Masterkova left, lying on a wheelchair and in an environment of doctors. How fast she will manage to be restored, will show time. On Saturday, also in qualifying competitions, the serious trauma - sheaf rupture nadkolennika - was received prygunja threefold by Anna Birjukova. Yesterday it have sent to Austria where regenerative operation will be spent. About returning to speech big-time sports for today does not go, the primary goal - to put the sportswoman on feet.