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the Formula - 1

Three days on races
  the Formula - 1

Three days on races

(Continuation. The beginning in number from August, 2nd)

They get motors
Race it is possible to see on the TV. The formular car - at an exhibition: from time to time models of race cars full-scale bring to Moscow. But to hear barking, it is boundless a spiteful sound of the ten-cylinder racing motor instantly untwisted to sixteen thousand of turns in minute, it is possible only there, at a ring. And for the sake of one this sound it is necessary to aspire there.
While the motor adjust, drive in boksah is a predatory roar on high turns and heavy explosions on single. When the car leaves on a line and the motor should twist wheels, push the car, overcome resistance of air, the motor cries out. I have written down this sound on the tape recorder and now in the mornings I put this cartridge: the dream departs, there is an adrenaline.
almost each child of a male dreams to go fastest, to have money more than others and to possess the most beautiful girl on light. Money and girls - other theme, but Russian muzhichkov, spending dosugi at an open cowl shabby the six in meditative contemplation of a working cursor, I understand now. In modest vazovskih four cylinders they begin to see clearly lines of the present motors. On racing V10 Mercedes Ilmor it is possible to look infinitely: It is a technical sculpture of high perfection - and to explain, why this engine so is good, the expert, of course, can, but me, for example, it is not necessary. The engine formulas it is full of a mystical power. Alas, I indulged in delightful reflexions not for long: me have exposed from boksov as the training arrivals, which sense have begun...

adjustment of cars
in comments and reportings is often told About this procedure a little vprobros: successful, unsuccessful, dry, rain. Partly it is caused by that race - difficult game and, accordingly, commands keep the finds a secret. But which - that concerning options in the Big prize of Germany managed to be understood even an unaided brain. A line of Hokkenhajm are long straight lines on which rather small clamping force is required: on a straight line the car does not bring. Accordingly, on it put a minimum of any aerodynamic devices - they press the car to road to turns, but brake it on a straight line. However that part of a line which passes on stadium, on the contrary, is very twisting, here again that clamping force just is required. The racer should find the compromise during trainings.
on monitors in a press - the centre, on the huge projective screens established everywhere before tribunes, all time results of racers change. For trainings Ralf Schumacher has shown the best time. Multiwise Gerhard Berger, most likely, simply held the Benetton - because it contrary to expectations and has won...

Pole - position
As a matter of fact, races on a line go within three days almost continuously. Besides Formulas - 1 pass three more support race - support races. Not be a number of a lion, and these cats would seem big: The formula 3000 a supercup of Porsche, race on Renault cars - spider. Go excellent, and among pilots - former or future racers Formulas - 1 . But - not that. Not those speeds, not that sound. However races of the support (relative, certainly) slowness return to the spectator feeling of a reality.
Pole - position, the place at a column in a literal translation, means the right to start the first. The one who starts with pole, has advantage before the following racer in some metres, and before outsiders - in some tens metres. Besides it should not go round or overtake anybody: competently having started, it departs on a line and, while peloton is pounded in the first bends, increases a separation.
In a word, pole - position is to a certain extent a key to race, and fight for it risking more strongly, than even in the race. In the morning on Saturday of car Benetton were not registered in favourites. Yes, the quite good chassis, the excellent engine, skilled racers. Two places on a podium in Silverstoune. But... The chief of a command, grey-haired and elegant Flavio Briatore wandered on paddoku with a sigarette, as if to anybody and not the interesting. For sensations waited from other commands: can be, Jordan, maybe, McLaren.
Saturday, o`clock in the afternoon. Howl motors in boksah amplifies, there not to approach any more: there television cameramen are left only, and on projective screens it is visible - one for other cars taxi on a line under warning whistles. At occurrence on Schumacher`s line - the senior groan of tribunes blocks all other sounds. But for a circle Berger shows the best time. From the second position Dzhankarlo Fisichella on Jordan will start. The third - Hakkinen, and only the fourth - Shummi - the senior.
on a press - conferences after arrivals pilots are correct and mysterious. They the present experts public relations: any superfluous words, reserved optimism. Express in that spirit that for this evening we still have a work and if it manages to be executed, tomorrow... Any race on - to the solving. This time, however, a deal especially rigid: say that Berger will leave from Formulas . That Frentzen is threatened with resignation. That in McLaren are dissatisfied with Coulthard. That Vilnev will not go for Williams`s command next year. And this unofficial pressure will be resolved only in race.
Sutulovatyj, the released Mika Hakkinen gives a lesson of the Finnish humour, beginning all answers to questions the same words: No, not really (no, it not absolutely so).
Performance goes at full speed. On a line support race turns, formular commands conjure in boksah. Happy carelessness, however, enjoy...

Public and a party
the Auto racing - sports bourgeois, and to the liberal European intellectual to be interested in them partly it is shameful. It, however, does not mean that in them are not interested. But nevertheless first of all it is multi-billion business. Further: motor racing - thus that races are ideally organised - will not name ecologically harmless. At last, has put this all - taki very man`s. Fine ladies decorate local life, but anything in it do not solve: dance on a starting field before race, carry drinks in a box the VIP, prepare a press - releases. Even if such situation is caused by the objective reasons, antipathies of liberally conceiving European to an auto racing are provided.
on my impression, public on tribunes - mostly dark blue collars low middle class, highly paid workers. Age - 25 - 45. It is a lot of kiddies. That vulgar shade which public football ordinary has, here it is few. Besides other, races it is expensive. Saturday morning in cash desk still it was possible to buy tickets on 300 - 550 marks. Rather cheap, on 150, are sold in good time. To the middle of day on sale there were only programs of races.
on the best places, over a starting field - any more public, and a party. Beau monde, jet - set, name somehow - those who in the present world instead of aristocracy. Among them world celebrities, like Boris Bekker or Fila Collins, but mostly it simply any suntanned misters at expensive watch, accompanied vyholennyh ladies. All as is necessary.
(the Termination read on August, 9th)