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Rokhlin has returned

General Rokhlin demands resignation of the president and the government
  Rokhlin has returned

General Rokhlin demands resignation of the president and the government

But NDR is not going to leave
If with me something happens, I will be obliged by it to the president. I ask to mean - the general - the deputy the Lion Rokhlin has answered yesterday to the president who two weeks ago has promised displace rohlinyh with their anticonstructive actions .

On yesterday`s a press - management conferences Movements in support of army The head of committee of defence of the State Duma the Lion Rokhlin has made one more promising statement. As he said, probably, movement together with other oppositional blocks and parties will soon support government and president resignation - according to the general, such decision can accept September congress of movement.
however already the active participant progovernmental NDR the general now is no time - the lieutenant the Lion Rokhlin does not believe that Yeltsin and Tchernomyrdin undertook army . As he said, he was convinced of it, having gone to the people . As Rokhlin has told, the fortnight trip on 14 Russian regions has convinced him and that not political methods military reform is impossible (it is curious that else Rokhlin assured of the beginning of July that its movement does not put political ends). And all statements of the president and the prime minister that as a result of reforms the army will be more strongly American the general named Bluff and lie .
Eks - Minister of Defence Igor Rodionov sitting on a press - conferences to the right of Rokhlin, so categorical were not. He considers that movement of support of army can help both to the president, and the present minister.
by the way, both Rokhlin, and Rodions, criticising present reform in armed forces, have declared that are not going to represent the variant of reforming: We have no concept that particularly want to make now. I, the head of committee of the State Duma, do not know about it. Perhaps, their plan will appear better ours .
However which - that is known to Rokhlin. So, he already knows that the state turns in police as number of land forces and " is reduced; internal troops " are inflated;. Such way, as he said, the political management, not managed to solve many economic problems, tries to be kept in power.
it is curious that, abusing political and an economic course of the president and the government (for example, he has told about Victor Tchernomyrdin that the prime minister, two years responsible for reform in army, is absolute anything for it has not made ), the Lion Rokhlin is not going to leave NDR fraction: I never was the deserter .
Judging by words of the main military oppositionist, plans of its movement are grandiose. Already now members of movement of a steel about 60 parties and public organisations. Besides otstavnikov armies, KGB and other power structures, were included into it the Union of industrialists and businessmen Arcady Volsky and the Union of writers (which, Rokhlin has not specified).
However, than new movement will be engaged, if its September congress decides not to send in resignation of the president and the government, the Lion Rokhlin yet has not informed.