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Problems in multinational corporation privatisation

have granted the Tyumen oil company a delay from sale
  Problems in multinational corporation privatisation

to the Tyumen oil company have granted a delay from sale

On Friday evening it became known that the beginning of demands acceptance planned for today on participation in spetsdenezhnom auction on sale of 48,68 % of actions of the Tyumen oil company (multinational corporation) will not take place. In the Russian Federal Property Fund consider that carrying over of terms of auction has occurred for technical reasons. Under other versions, similar changes will be rather convenient to the present owner of 40 % of actions of the multinational corporation to a consortium the Alpha - groups .

the multinational corporation consists of the extracting enterprises Nizhnevartovskneftegaz Tjumenneftegaz Obneftegazogeologija Ryazan NPZ and seven marketing and service enterprises. In 1996 of the enterprise of the company have extracted 21,5 million tons and have processed 4,5 million tons of oil.

in the beginning of July the chairman of the Russian Federal Property Fund Igor Lipkin has declared that application forms for participation in auction under multinational corporation actions will be accepted from August, 5th till September, 26th. As a result of competition the state still should have only 2,3 % of actions of the multinational corporation.
however on Friday it became known that demands acceptance terms are transferred without assigning any reasons. In the Russian Federal Property Fund to the Businessman - Daily have declared that anything dramatic does not occur, it is a question only of carrying over of terms of demands acceptance. we simply technically had not time to be prepared - has declared wished to remain to unknown persons the representative of fund. Under its statement, auction will necessarily take place this year, and demands will start to accept, most likely, in an early autumn.
as it is known, till the end of this year the state intends to sell large share holdings of six oil companies: the multinational corporation, East oil company, NORSI - ojla Sibura KomiTEKa and Vostsibneftegaza . It was supposed that the auctions on each of these companies will be carried in time. To large investors if they become interested in the several companies, it is not necessary to participate simultaneously in two - three competitions. However now terms of sale of actions of the multinational corporation are shifted, and GKI recently has decided to privatise this year also the company Rosneft .
On the one hand, the state in a current of several months intends to sell three enough attractive the companies (the multinational corporation, Rosneft And East oil company) with total annual level of oil recovery more than 45 million tons. With another - as the purpose of auctions is called the maximum income of the budget of sale of these companies what head GKI Alfred Kokh indefatigably declares. It is clear that is far not any investor can participate in several so large auctions simultaneously. As a result, demand for actions of each of the companies will fall, hence, and the budget will not receive expected incomes. A logical explanation to such divergence of words with business to find difficult. However we will notice - the present situation is very favourable to some potential investors.
in a case with auction carrying over on the multinational corporation in a prize, obviously, remains the Alpha - groups whose company New holding in the middle of July has got at investment competition of 40 % of actions of the multinational corporation. Purchase, as it is known, has managed to the winner in $810 million The sum is huge even to oil measures, and $755 million from them it is promised to transfer into account the multinational corporation till August, 25th. Meanwhile representatives the Alpha - groups already had time to declare that intend to participate in spetsdenezhnom auction and to finish the share holding of the multinational corporation to the control. For this purpose to the Alpha it will be necessary to get hardly more than 10 % of actions of the oil company. Proceeding from the price declared before the Russian Federal Property Fund (5400 roubles for the action), such package will manage a minimum in 850 mlrd roubles. And all this sum it is necessary to deposit on spetsschetah the Russian Federal Property Fund till the end of demands acceptance. Thus, carrying over of the auctions on the multinational corporation first of all gives the chance the Alpha - groups to be prepared for the forthcoming auctions and to collect the demanded sum.
meanwhile in the Alpha - groups believe that carrying over of the auctions on the multinational corporation is favourable first of all to the state. A press - the secretary of group Andrey Galiev has declared to the correspondent the Businessman - Daily : Carrying over of the auctions is represented rather logical from the point of view of interests of the budget as, having given time to already come investor to put things in order in the company, to re-structure debts, to adjust manufacture, the state has chance to receive more money for the remained share holding .