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Explosion on Vagankovo

One more member of the Komsomol has got for acts of terrorism
  Explosion on Vagankovo

One more member of the Komsomol has got for acts of terrorism

Companions on struggle threaten to revenge for it
past Sunday UFSB across Moscow and to Moscow Region on suspicion in participation in explosion on the Vagankovsky cemetery has detained the editor-in-chief of the newspaper the Young communist and the chairman of the Youth housing complex of Russia (MZHK) Igor Gubkin. It already the second Komsomol figure suspected of act of terrorism. On July, 25th charge in terrorism has been shown the active worker of the Revolutionary communistic union of youth and Bolsheviks (RKSM () to Andrey Sokolovu.

we will remind that on April, 1st this year in settlement situated near Moscow Tajninsky the monument to Nikolay II has been blown up, Peter I in Moscow on July, 6th has been mined, and on July, 19th unknown persons have blown up a monument to an imperial family on the Vagankovsky cemetery. Responsibility for first two acts of terrorism was incurred by the underground organisations - Revvoensovet of RSFSR and Raboche - country Red army.
to find them yet it was not possible, and employees of FSB have started to spend interrogations and searches in legally operating Komsomol organisations. On suspicion in participation in act of terrorism one of active workers RKSM (Andrey Sokolov has been detained. Soon, according to employees of FSB, he admitted explosion fulfilment on Vagankovsky. He has not told, whether there are behind it any organizers, naming only motive of a crime - revenge to the bloody tyrant .
on August, 3rd on this business employees of FSB have invited the editor-in-chief of the newspaper to interrogation the Young communist and chairman MZHK Igor Gubkin. During interrogation inspectors have come to a conclusion that Gubkin also concerns act of terrorism, and have detained him on three days. The question will be in this time solved, whether it will be involved in a criminal liability.
meanwhile chairman Revvoensoveta of RSFSR Egor Chudnovsky continues to dispatch in various mass-media facsimile statements on behalf of the organisation. In the last he has declared that neither to operations, nor companion I. Gubkin does not concern activity of Revvoensoveta, in fighting organisations RVS it does not consist . In the statement Chudnovsky also it is said that the outstanding figure of communistic movement Igor Gubkin ` was handed over ` to bodies of FSB of the Russian Federation by imaginary communists led by Gennady Zyuganov .
One more Komsomol leader, the chairman of the Russian communistic union of youth Igor Maljarov, has stated the version concerning Gubkin`s relations from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. As he said, MZHK under the direction of Gubkin has raised the solid sum of money for building of apartments of Moscow. Apartments, certainly, have not constructed, but numerous citizens, especially pensioners, handed over to Gubkin on one million roubles as for members of the Komsomol ostensibly there was a Communist Party of the Russian Federation and personally companion Zyuganov.
in UFSB Gubkin`s activity in MZHK yet did not check and consequently cannot confirm reliability of data of Maljarova. If to trust Maljarovu, - has told to the correspondent ` the Businessman - Daily ` a press - secretary UFSB across Moscow Sergey Bogdanov, is an elementary financial fraud. In general it is included into the militia competence. At us is not present while bases in it to be engaged, and we did not study technology of activity MZHK .
Anyway, Revvoensovet has promised: We will not regret forces for clearing of companion I. Gubkin, guilty in ogovore our party fellow will answer on all severity before court of revolutionary tribunal. That on a wind our organisation does not throw words, the public had possibilities to be convinced .