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As it was in 1947

As it was in 1947

Reform waited, though all, as always, was stored in the strict secret. When hearings about replacement of money became especially persevering, the people have rushed to buy up all that is possible. The goods promptly disappeared from counters.
at last once in September the well-known announcer Yury Levitan approximately the same tone to what he read reports Information bureau during war, declared currency reform.
it was thus specified that all denominations are obliged to accept in shops and savings banks without any restrictions and obstacles in the ratio 1:10. Confiscatory reform was in relation to who on the account in savings bank had large sums of money. In the ratio 1:10 3 thousand the roubles changed only, following 3 thousand exchanged 1:2, the rest - 1:1.
In newspapers necessity of reform to the people explained that Germans during war have printed too many counterfeit money which are required to be withdrawn. Paper money was subject to an exchange only. All trifle remained in circulation. In a course there was a joke that on it beggars have grown rich.
Evgenie Chukovsky, the grandson of the well-known writer, has told that the his sister has in a similar way got the capital. It collected at school Komsomol payments on 20 copecks, and as she would not like to drag bags with a trifle in a district committee, she threw them in a bedside table, and in exchange carried paper money.
were and abusings . For example, if money was in a way from the account into the account they reached the addressee already reduced ten times. Including into personal accounts in savings bank.
reform of 1947 was much more confiscatory, than in 1961. At Khruschev simultaneously the prices have been lowered and ten times, and in 1947 - only in three.
new denominations were much more on the size prereform. Here Stalin`s claims for imperial style were distinctly showed. It is known that it in many respects imitated Alexander III during which epoch was born. For example, it has entered epaulets for military men, has dressed all officials in uniforms. And new denominations were very similar on aleksandrovskie, including colour.
many expected that on them there will be Stalin`s portrait, however remained Lenin.