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Autovases became the voluntary hostage

Autovases became the voluntary hostage

At factory assert that the Autovase can pass a controlling stock to Boris Berezovsky
On Saturday in the conditions of full privacy has passed extraordinary emergency meeting of shareholders of joint-stock company of Autovases. The press extended right after it - release did not contain almost any specifying information. It became known only that shareholders the Autovase have voted for transfer to the state as proof of an enterprise controlling interest. Thus, the factory has avoided bankruptcy. However, under data the Businessman - Daily this event does not exclude transition of the largest Russian car factory to the new private owner. The basic applicant at factory name Boris Berezovsky. Berezovsky denies it.

to make comments on results of meeting a press - service the Autovase motivated unexpected refusal so: the necessary information has been already widespread during the previous meeting of shareholders, and to speak any more about what. We will remind that on May, 31st shareholders of the company have reached the basic arrangement on re-structuring of debts of the enterprise to the federal budget according to the governmental order #254. It was meant that the debt the Autovase in 2,855 trln roubles will be repaid within ten years by monthly payments. Thus the factory should transfer as a deposit to the Russian fund of federal property (Russian Federal Property Fund) of 51 % of the actions. The meeting planned for August, 2nd should is definitive to solve a question on a transfer of stock.
past Saturday the question on a transfer of stock to the state has been solved by shareholders for 15 minutes: Autovases in addition emits 27 194 625 voting actions which become pledge of performance of its promises. Right after in the Russian Federal Property Fund the factory will start to pay transfers of stock monthly on 100 mlrd roubles in the budget, in parallel carrying out current payments. Thus, Autovases has an opportunity to repay debts to the state, without being exposed to humiliating procedure of bankruptcy.
however, under the information the Businessman - Daily decision-making on issue at all does not guarantee to factory absolute calmness.
as the representative of high rank the Autovase has informed, it is literally before meeting to administration the information has arrived: in Moscow again there was a question on bankruptcy of the enterprise. Under the version of the interlocutor the Businessman - Daily certain influential Moscow businessmen have become interested in the Volga car factory. Among them the factory anonymous author named car factory of the assistant to the secretary of Security council of Russia well familiar with problems of Boris Berezovsky.
and last week to receive control over AvtoVAZom it was really possible only through bankruptcy of the enterprise. Now it became easier to make it. Enough two-month delay of the next payment in repayment of debts to the budget, and the package the Autovase will be sold to the new owner. Whether However, there will be it the simple transaction of purchase and sale or the action will expose on auction while it is not clear.
Boris Berezovsky on a question the Businessman - Daily whether gathers it or its nearest partners to put Autovases under the control, has answered short, but is capacious: I am today in public service and in business I am not engaged . As to relatives to it of structures, that, according to Berezovsky, its partners for today are Anatolys Chubayss and other statesmen who, according to occupied posts, cannot show a personal interest in the largest Russian motor-car manufacturer.