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Championship opening ceremony in Athenes

Russian all - taki have gained One victory
  championship Opening ceremony in Athenes

Russian all - taki have gained One victory

championship Opening ceremony became for Greece event of the state value, and the big merit in it commands of Russian designer Boris Krasnov, under whose management by request of the Greek government have been constructed grandiose scenery. It is possible to consider it as the first victory of Russia. From Athenes transfers an observer ILYA - NAGIBIN.

the Stadium constructed in the form of a horseshoe (by the way, from this marble, as the Acropolis), here name kalemarmoron that on - it is Greek means good marble . On this place when - that there have passed the first Olympic games of a new era revived by Pierre de by Kubertenom. Built before stadium under Boris Krasnov`s project the decorative triumphal arch became not smaller sight of Athenes, than the well-known Acropolis. Three days prior to opening in the street before stadium there was some road accident: drivers stared at a newly appeared miracle.
the top part 23 - a metre arch is decorated by the bas-reliefs reproducing metopy of a temple Parthenon. Apollo`s two statues on 6,5 metres everyone invite on stadium. In an arch revetted with a plastic tile marbled Control panels are built in by laser light installations - the whole computer centre, here is the lift (to level of the eighth floor), a spiral staircase, conditioners and etc. Apollo`s Statues and all clothes arches in the dismantled kind are delivered from Moscow. As well as 21 - a metre statue of goddess Irini (on - it is Greek the world ) Which have established over stadium. By the project it is provided that designs can sustain a wind in the speed of 150 km/ hour and stay at least till September, 7th. This day the International Olympic committee will take out the verdict: whether to become worthy Athenes the Olympic Games city. For show - opening Greeks have tried to collect the best experts: Russian did scenery, metal designs to them - Germans and Czechs, Frenchmen were engaged in a sound and light. As the main director one of the most known Greek musicians, esteemed in the homeland as national hero Vangelis Papatanasiu (it, along with Frenchman Jean Michel Zharom, it is considered one of the largest innovators of computer music 70 - 80-) has acted.
every day the championship will manage in the record sum - 1 mlrd drachmas ($400 thousand) . And to pay back expenses organising committee not too hurries up. From sale of tickets and the rights to translations will gain only half of spent money.
Boris Krasnov considers: We too have established an original record. For the first time representatives of the Russian decorative art are invited to show not traditionally Russian, and to make to Greeks Greek .
Opening ceremony 80 thousand including I, observed show " have seen 4,3 mlrd televiewers, and; alive . The spirit of event nevertheless cannot transfer television.
light and musical effects followed one after another, leading up heat of a show to the indescribable culminations. All was shone, smoked, turned and sparkled so that it seemed - you in epicentre of natural cataclysm. Public jumped from places. General triumph passed in ecstasy.
and after 11 evenings all city has turned to one huge carnival. Everywhere music was heard and went national guljanija, on is Greek - a bouzouki . That - that and to walk here are able. a bouzouki is when at uncountable small restaurants tables become a dance pavilion, and sympathies are expressed without words - on a head pour out a tray of white carnations.
in the morning the city is similar to a greenhouse - everywhere carnations. When Greeks, Germans, Americans, Bulgarians heard Russian speech, approached without hesitating, on fingers explained that Russian arch - it is very good . Boris Krasnov distributed autographs, and someone from crowd has summed up: the First victory Russian already