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What for have expanded the Superleague

the Basketball Superleague has invented means from poverty
  What for have expanded the Superleague

the Basketball Superleague has invented means from poverty

all interested persons are accepted To money in its numbers
After long reflexions the Russian Federation of basketball at last has imposed a calendar of a following season. The seventh championship of Russia on basketball will open on September, 2nd a match between Moscow the Dynamo and Konikom .
Hitch has been connected with Superleague expansion - with 10 to 20 commands. And if earlier a prefix super Meant quality of clubs participating in league now, probably, it is a question of their quantity. The majority of experts believe that decent players in Russia do not suffice and at 8 commands.

Vasjukinsky Kolbasnika in the Superleague have not started up
According to supporters of the expansion, the new Superleague will impulse to increase of level of provincial clubs. Its opponents consider that it is a question, more likely, about a kick after which domestic basketball will sweep in tartarary.
Correctness of the first to prove easily. It is much more pleasant to owners of commands of second ten to think that their wards - it is valid players super instead of it is simple the higher, as if a grade of the Soviet vermicelli, leagues. It helps clubs to extort additional money from sponsors. Entered into league Kazan an Unix Tula the Arsenal Perm Ural Mountains - Grejt On weight of purses advance many old residents of the Superleague. an Unix for example, it was declared on Kubok Koracha instead of the existence which have stopped Samara TSSK the Air Forces, and the Arsenal has bought up a place in league at the same TSSK the Air Forces, having paid an entrance fee for participation in the championship and having brought to Kazan some players from a Volga region city.
how many money for it is necessary? Cost of participation in the Superleague, in our opinion, is insignificant - $22 thousand are occupied a bit more in the account estimate with the salary of players - for example, under the informal data, six beginners Samaras (all of them free agents, therefore club did not pay for their acquisition of anything) will manage to club in $200 - 250 thousand for a year. Plus expenses on command residing, rent of halls and etc., so $1 million - normal figure for the annual budget of the Russian basketball club. But a word CSKA operates on the country town public, as a magic spell. We - that not with ` Kolbasnikom ` from Vasyuki will compete now, and with CSKA - the governor (the director, the mayor) speaks... Also allocates means.

an allergy at sponsors
But opponents of expansion because in suffered from this invention leading clubs of the country are registered first of all are absolutely right also. The gigantomania which has been not justified by high heat of rivalry in the championship, undermines interest to League from fans. Games of CSKA with the Locomotive undoubtedly, will cause in Minvody an enormous agiotage, but in Moscow it will be interesting to one hundred person. The president of CSKA Victor Petrakov, for example, considers that League expansion will lead to decrease in quality of game and, accordingly, interest of fans. From its part, soldiers plan to leave an alternating cast on matches with beginners that, clearly, too will not promote increase of spectator interest to Superleague matches.
chances that the strongest players will return to the national championship, now only decrease: the prospect of trips to Minvody and Perm turns on too many our legionaries. For what hardly they can be blamed - to a civilisation you get used quickly.
the following stage after decrease in interest of spectators - outflow and without that not too active sponsors. Will not be also, obviously, and teletranslations - the Superleague with 10 commands and that showed somehow, and beliefs that TV men with pleasure will go now to remove a match to Kazan or Minvody at anybody is not present. Means, and from this source the Superleague will not receive means, and almost unique donors of the championship of Russia there are provincial mayors and governors.

the Recipe from poverty
to Find out true nature of this dispute it is possible, only having answered a question, to whom and why Superleague expansion is favourable. The Russian Federation of basketball is poor, as the church mouse: for example, in July at it was not DM40 thousand to rescue the Dynamo run into debt this sum FIBA, from removal from Euro cups. Sponsors at federation are not present. Its unique source of the income - entrance fees of participants. One year ago 10 clubs paid on $30 thousand, and it has turned out, accordingly, $300 thousand Now to learn federation incomes, it is necessary to increase $22 thousand on 20. On turned out $440 thousand it is quite possible to live as early as a year.
besides clubs conditional bottom tens where it is easier to operate: they are madly grateful for the inclusion in the Superleague. Last year RFB constantly altercated with leading clubs, nowadays at discussion of complicated questions support of the regional majority to it is provided (one club has one voice).
Dispute on quantity of commands would be, probably, and is not so basic, exist though any operating plan for development of basketball in the country. And for last eight years the championship scheme changed annually - each time feverishly and under the slogan of rescue of basketball.