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Imperial and business of Fedorova

Imperial has helped career of the speculator
  Imperial and business of Fedorova

Imperial has helped career of the speculator

- Daily more than once wrote about scandal round National reserve bank (NRB). It is accused of illegal operations with OVVZ 5 - go, 6 - go and 7 - go tranches, and also in evasion from payment of taxes. Spetskorrespondent the Businessman - Daily JULIA - PELEHOVA also has found out that to affairs NRB in which investigation the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia now is engaged, other bank - " was involved also; Imperial .

as the Major witness of charge against NRB Igor Fedorov, the former Russian citizen now living in the USA acts. Two rukovodimye it of firm - Jakobson and Associates and Edge Investment Group Inc. - were engaged in remittance abroad under commissions NRB. Money was formed, according to Fedorova, from sale of bonds 5 - go, 6 - go and 7 - go tranches. Igor Fedorov asserts that with its help NRB has thrown abroad about $100 million NRB, in turn, has accused Fedorova and rukovodimye they of firm in assignment $7,2 million

to This stage of cooperation of Igor Fedorova with NRB were preceded by its not less close cooperation with bank Imperial . This bank, seemingly, also has given to firms of the former sea captain of III rank some kind of the permit in financial life.
in the Moscow market Igor Fedorov has begun the first financial operations with operations in the currency markets spent through dilingovyj the centre of Mosbusinessbank. Money for it ($15 million) has given it bank Imperial . Through Imperial orders about distribution of the income received from currency transactions were given also.
Fedoriov has told that to some bank conductings made under orders from Imperiala the employee of bank Sergey Kostetsky concerned. In conversation with the correspondent the Businessman - Daily the Kostetsky fact of financial communication with firms Fedorova at all did not deny, however any comments has refused.
Under the statement of Fedorova, the first means for accounts of its firms ($5 million) created specially for performance of special financial commissions NRB, were enlisted also from Imperiala . On hand the Businessman - Daily there are the bank documents confirming it. Subsequently the most part of these means has been used on small payments to the necessary people and expense accounts of firms Fedorova in its cooperation with NRB.
the Latent presence Imperiala in doubtful financial operations NRB becomes more clear if to remember that Russian investment financial company (RIFK) on which basis has been created NRB, was in due time structural division of bank Imperial .
in this company Alexander Lebedev`s heading NRB financial sheaf, Andrey Kostin who subsequently has headed Foreign trade and investment bank, Alexey Smirnova heading department of foreign credits and an external debt of the Ministry of Finance, and the Novel Shvetsky (" was issued; the grey cardinal standing up for the majority of financial schemes NRB). All of them were shareholders RIFK.
It is known that from the very beginning in Joint-Stock Company RIFK the wife of the chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Dubinin, working nowadays in NRB, Elena Gorobets worked also.
a certain Michael Preobrazhensky appears director RIFK for documents. It is known that in due time it was the employee of Austrian firm Helens Trading and was suspected by a firm management of fulfilment of roguish financial operations and washing up dirty money.
under the statement of the former employees Imperiala and NRB, cooperation Imperiala And NRB actively proceeded and in work with NRB Igor Fedorova`s firms. We will remind that the peak of spent Fedorovym on the instructions of NRB operations has had for preparation of election campaign in the spring - summer of 1996.
under the statement of one of our sources, Imperial has been involved in some schemes vysazhivanija money from NRB. So on professional slenge bankers operations when from bank money, say, on the deposit in other bank is withdrawn are called, - the former employee ` told to us Imperiala `. - it is then given to list the commission this deposit where - or, more often abroad, in exchange for any securities. And if with these papers something happens - not your problem .
According to our source, it only one of variants of the financial scheme, also is not known, whether it was applied in cooperation Imperiala with NRB. However, under its statement, the consequence on operations NRB can quite encounter and such episodes of financial activity of bank.