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  Damask steel Minzhilkiev

Damask steel Minzhilkiev

On 58 - the m to year of life has died Damask steel of Abdullaevich Minzhilkiev - the soloist of the Maryinsky Theater, the national actor of the USSR, the winner of the state awards of the USSR and Russia, the winner of the international competitions. The Mariinsky scene has lost one of the mightiest basses, Mariinsky Prince Igor has lost Konchaka, a world opera - one of bright successors shaljapinskoj tradition. Last time Minzhilkiev sang Damask steel at festival in Savonlinne (Finland), in Mariinsky Prince Igor . By phone from Edinburgh the art director - the director of the Maryinsky Theater Valery GERGIEV.

the Third day we try to take off to be on requiem at the Maryinsky Theater - to say goodbye before it will take away to Kirghizia (under Bulata Minzhilkieva will him will bury in Bishkek). This terrifying news for all theatre, we are absolutely shaken. More recently it has brilliantly acted in Savonlinne, was happy. Saying goodbye to me, spoke about the future plans, work. It is irreplaceable blow on theatre - there are projects which without it are absolutely inconceivable. Videorecording has been planned for the end of August Prince Igor - it best Konchak whom it is possible to present. Damask steel of Abdullaevich is declared in Underground on all performances - Mazepa Prince Igor Ruslan and Lyudmila in La Scala - on Hovanshchinu .
Prisutstvie Bulata Minzhilkieva among the most outstanding soloists of Mariinsky theatre was one of the brightest proofs of that the great historical tradition of the Russian theatrical business which went from Feodor Shalyapin, collected under a Maryinsky Theater wing the best forces from all space which was called earlier as Soviet Union.
as soon as I became the main conductor, Damask steel Minzhilkiev has responded one of the first. It in the same season has started to rehearse Ivan Khovansky. Sang this part in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, and in videorecording it have learnt all over the world.
I consider that Minzhilkiev will become history shaljapinskoj of tradition (as though it has proceeded further) with such validity and shine, as very few people even from owners of rare voices. Its thirty-year scenic destiny as a whole was very happy. For last nine years he has sung a large quantity of parties, has played set of roles, its tour geography was the most extensive, it was heard by the largest world musical centres. It would be desirable, of course, that he sang and in Moscow. Minzhilkiev could sing in the Bolshoi theatre not only as the soloist of the Maryinsky Theater, but as one of most - if not most - unique basses which were put forward in territory of our country after Mark Rejzena and brothers of Pirogovyh.
I would like to pay to it a tribute not only as to the actor, but also as to the person. It was possible to admire it - it had a position, it was ready to serve theatre, to work day and night, without asking, how many it will cost, it will receive what rank or where will go.
it there was the most modest and disinterested person who was not testing any complexes, bitterness; envy was absolutely unfamiliar to it. The person of the big soul as whom many considered as the friend. As the colleague, the friend, the colleague it for me is absolutely irreplaceable. We want to carry now theatre to Kirghizia - that there have learnt, with what actors, chorus, an orchestra the actor favourite by the people worked.