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Hudojberdyev has broken to Uzbekistan

Hudojberdyev has broken to Uzbekistan

However it denies Tashkent
Yesterday operation of the governmental armies of Tajikistan on neutralisation of a rebellious brigade of fast reaction under command of colonel Mahmuda Hudojberdyeva has come to the end. Under the message a press - services of president Rakhmonov, the colonel and fifty persons of its nearest environment have broken on territory of the next Uzbekistan. But in Tashkent this information have denied.

delivery Process in a captivity of officers and all staff of a rebellious brigade has begun, under the statement of Dushanbe, on Monday in second half of day and has come to the end on Tuesday. There was it in frontier to Uzbekistan Shaartuzsky and Kabodiensky areas. It is informed that all technics and brigade arms are withdrawn. thus, it is possible to assert that military operation on localisation and removal of intensity in the south of Tajikistan, initiated by criminal acts of a rebellious brigade, is successfully finished. Forces of the rebellious colonel are completely broken - has declared a press - the secretary of Tadjik president Zafar Saidov.
If Hudojberdyevu indeed managed to make the way on territory of Uzbekistan, after several attempts. The first of them has been undertaken late at night on Monday. On two jeeps Six BMP and three KamAZah the colonel and some tens its people have intruded in the Uzbek settlement Auzyken (45 km severo - to the west of Shaartuza). But the strengthened frontier divisions of Uzbekistan have forced out rebels for limits of the territory.
then group Hudojberdyeva has tried to break in settlement Kakajdy in frontier Uzbek territory. There there is an airdrome and warehouses with ammunition and gorjuche - lubricants (PETROLEUM PRODUCTS) of the Uzbek army.
it is not excluded, - has declared to agency ` Interfax ` a military source in Dushanbe, - that Hudojberdyev intended to grasp a part of ammunition stored in these warehouses and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS for their delivery in Shaartuz for the purpose of the further rendering of resistance to coming governmental forces of Tajikistan. However the Uzbek frontier guards have not admitted break Tadjik - the Uzbek border . After a failure of approach to Kakajdy rebels have started to move ahead further on the north, continuing to attack the Uzbek frontier points.
of the analysis of the arriving information there is an impression that shortage of ammunition and PETROLEUM PRODUCTS became the main reason of defeat of a brigade of Hudojberdyeva just and. Therefore, probably, the governmental divisions which have entered in Shaartuz have found out there the whole park of the thrown cars and armour of a rebellious brigade.
another success of operation of the governmental armies against the rebellious colonel the position of the Uzbek management became composed. to us gives to hope the statement of Tashkent that in case of transition to the Uzbek territory rebels will be disarmed and transferred the Tadjik authorities - has declared upon termination of military operation a press - Rakhmonov`s secretary.
the authorities of Dushanbe are assured that Hudojberdyev is in territory of Uzbekistan, and its delivery by the Uzbek party wait. After which, the public prosecutor of Tajikistan Salomiddin Sharopov confirms, Hudojberdyev and its colleagues will appear before court on charge in to military coup d`etat attempt .
However the authorities of Uzbekistan are convinced that group Hudojberdyeva did not cross Tadjik - the Uzbek border. someone has started a canard, and it was picked up by journalists - the representative has declared thereupon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan to Zafar Ruziev.