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The briefing of Aleksashenko

the Central Bank is going to take the basic accounts of the State Customs Committee of Russia
  Brifing Aleksashenko

the Central Bank is going to take the basic accounts of the State Customs Committee of Russia

the Rest will depart to the Savings Bank
the Central Bank intend to take the basic accounts of the State customs committee of Russia on which there is a greatest quantity of budgetary funds on service. It has declared yesterday on a press - conferences the first vice-president of the Central Bank Sergey Aleksashenko. If the government agrees with Central Bank offers commercial banks will serve only regional customs.

According to Sergey Aleksashenko, on transfer of accounts of the State Customs Committee the Central Bank has directed the offers on the coordination to the Ministry of Finance. The main unexpectedness was that the Central Bank has agreed to take away not all customs accounts - it will not serve regional customs.
and though the volume of the means which are on regional accounts, is incommensurable to what beret to itself the Central Bank, commercial banks, most likely, will not miss possibility to be overcome for them. However chances to receive even these accounts at the majority of banks are insignificant.
however, for the present nobody cancelled the list from 12 banks, authorised to serve the customs account. It has been defined in the beginning of this year the governmental commission on monetary - the credit policy. Under data the Businessman - Daily the basic accounts of the State Customs Committee serve five banks: ONEXIMBANK, the Savings Bank of Russia, the Bridge - bank, Alpha bank, the Russian credit . In total for a year through State Customs Committee accounts passes an order 45 - 50 trln rbl.
In case this list will not reconsider the government, the Savings Bank of Russia remains the unique bank serving the State Customs Committee, most likely. After all the branched out filial network is necessary for service of regional branches of customs. And in this respect any Russian bank cannot compete to the Savings Bank. Besides the Savings Bank is authorised by the Russian government to serve budgetary accounts in those places where there are no Central Bank divisions. Differently, customs means will be redistributed between the Central Bank and the Savings Bank.
other banks should reconcile to loss of a part of the actives. The ONEXIMBANK will most strongly suffer - it will lose to a quarter of currency of balance.
nevertheless in ONEXIMBANK declare that Chubays`s measure on a conclusion of means if and against someone has been directed, only not against our bank . But in bank circles persistent hearings what exactly the conclusion of budgetary accounts from ONEXIMBANK was a theme of a recent meeting of Victor Tchernomyrdin and Anatoly Chubays circulate. The prime minister - the minister has ostensibly agreed to approve results of competitions on to Svyazinvest and to Norilsk nickel only in exchange for Kokh`s resignation and transfer of accounts of the State Customs Committee in the Central Bank.
anyway, in the heat of the moment other commercial banks which serve customs accounts have got also. These banks remained are obviously dissatisfied with such turn of events.
in banks to which should leave State Customs Committee accounts, declare that exchequer not in a condition to serve these accounts. So, for example, consider in the Russian credit . According to its representatives though customs payments are spent in banks as prime and banks have already fulfilled schemes of their conducting in short terms, to operatsionistkam since morning long turns are built. After transfer of accounts of customs in exchequer service terms will be essentially increased.
in Bank of Russia, on the contrary, do not expect any complexities at service of accounts of the State Customs Committee. According to the director of department of execution of the state budget of Bank of Russia of Natalia Pavlovoj, their division always served state budget means, and problems with transfer of budgetary accounts from commercial banks in the Central Bank never was.