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IV biennial of the modern art

Lyons biennial has not sufficed effect of a premiere
  IV biennial of the modern art

Lyons biennial has not sufficed effect of a premiere

IV biennial of the modern art in Lyons will last till the end of September. Still more recently these terms caused shock in organizers, after all it was originally supposed to open an exhibition in December. When directors of biennial of Terri Raspaj and Terri Prat have learnt about the decision of the Lyons mayoralty to transfer date of its opening since December for July, to time at them remains only four months.

Than the decision on carrying over of terms has been dictated, to tell difficultly. But that the mayor selected one year ago, the elderly politician of the right orientation of Rajmon the Bar of the big love to the modern art does not test, - the obvious fact. And then to organizers has carried: Harald Zeeman has responded to their invitation to become the curator of biennial.
Behind shoulders of Zeemana the long list of exhibitions which in the West are studied for a long time already by students of faculties of fine arts, the trade of the curator the birth is obliged to it. Zeemanu, to the inhabitant of Switzerland, 64 years. But at the veteran the reputation of the disobedient anarchist inclined to extravagant decisions which to anybody does not report and always exposes own concept of art.
here and now organizers have offered it in advance co-ordinated theme of biennial - Another . On what Zeeman has reacted as follows: For the Lyons authorities ` another ` is I because they, inviting me, perfectly knew that I do not divide their concept of art. For me ` another ` is a hall with which I begin struggle. For public ` another ` is an art and artists... So, there will be not illustrations, not comments, but strong products. And we will oppose to sad consequences of declaration of the end of utopias positive utopias of artists. We search impossible for it defines the future .
Harald Zeeman has decided to revive old customs. It has proved what probably successfully to combine the modern art with the proof belief and the predilections generated about thirty years ago. Participation in biennial of 86 artists from 18 countries became result of work of curator Zeemana. As to its old predilections them concern, for example, Joseph Boyes, Richard Serra, Chris Berden and Viennese aktsionisty. But if Boyes and Serra have been presented by easily recognised works Chris Berden has given out unexpected installation under the name the Flying skating rink become hardly probable not the main attraction of an exhibition. It is really present dvenadtsatitonnyj a skating rink which is dispersed on a circle and flies up on two-metre height, as though reminding of a relativity and convention of all event.
also variety of works of already late participants who did not have the direct relation to the modern art or absolutely not not considering by artists concerns number of curator predilections or, perhaps, whims. Unites them that everyone has devoted the life to creation personal, on what not similar utopias.
so on biennial there was the Estonian German living in Switzerland, Elizar a background of Kupffer with the picturesque rotunda 20 - h years the Fine world blissful where it is a question, naturally, about paradise.
Or the rural postman Ferdinand Sheval, all life a building Ideal palace where he wanted to mix together all styles and religions of all times and the people (is exposed the breadboard model).
Or Emeri Blagton, the semiliterate farmer who has made hundreds of strange objects, capable, on its belief to treat people (its shed - a workshop is reconstructed).
During lifetime of each of them considered as the madman, and they were simply others. And, unlike modern artists, the utopias concerned absolutely seriously.
Presence of the French artists on biennial has appeared not so considerably as, probably, it would be desirable that organizers. Having scented wrong already at a preparation stage, owners have asked Zeemana to include in structure of participants of more Frenchmen, and the uncompromising Swiss has gone on the small compromise.
so at an exhibition also there was an indispensable representative of the French art of last years, too for a long time Fabris Iber submitting high hopes. On the Venetian biennial to it have given national pavilion, and not to invite him to Lyons it would be simply indecent. It has not spoilt an exhibition, but also it became better not. In comparison with shock installations of Germans and Americans of work of Frenchmen have appeared much more modestly on the scales and looked faster marginalno.
it is possible to name the Most appreciable good luck of owners comical video installation of Perrika Sorena where in small dark pavilion the author who is on one screen, throws rotten eggs in the photo which is on the screen from the opposite side.
but on depth of experience wit of Sorena does not come within miles of monumental video installation of American Harry Hilla. The size of its pavilion - more than 200 sq. metres, work is called the Spectator . For completeness of sensation it is better to come into pavilion to one. You are surrounded with full darkness (except for weak reflected lights). One and a half ten motionless people, the most usual any passers-by look at you. Silence, and under your feet - any black emptiness similar to a precipice reigns. Overcoming fear, you wadded feet enter this emptiness, moving towards to people, as though wishing to be convinced, whether live they. Without resorting to pathos, it is difficult to give feelings and the thoughts which are given rise by this work...
at an input in some halls provident Harald Zeeman ordered to hang up tablets with the prevention We pay your attention that the products exposed in this hall, can shock young spectators and sensitive persons . In such halls representatives of school Viennese aktsionizma - adherents bodi - arta which without any respect concern a human body of any floor reign and make over it all violations and aesthetic experiences. About the legendary artist - chlenovreditele Rudi Shvartskoglere we receive some particulars: He has not died, when cut off to itself genital body, and was simply threw out from a window as the ordinary suicide. In the same section it has appeared and pytochnaja Kafka`s described by it in the story " car Frantsa; In a corrective colony and created on idea of Zeemana in 1975.
is near to similar warning tablets and later works of other authors, but they already obviously more poorly and were are taken by the curator most likely for that proof that the tradition proceeds. Zeeman always cared of the favourites, but attempt to find it of worthy successors has got it at all there. It is a pity that under his hand there was no Kulik or Brener. These Moscow children, perhaps, are more feasible Faust Goethe. At least, physically.
Russia is presented on biennial especially symbolically. There is from vseja to Russia at a white wall lonely such TV. Also it shows Svetlana and Igor Kopystjansky`s melancholic video how the wind drives garbage on nju - jorkskim to roadways. And as in garbage it it is mislaid the Black square Malevich.
but we will not be about sad. Since IV biennial, Lyons has declared for the first time itself as about the strong contender of Venice. At much more modest, than at Venetian biennial, the budget. Probably, he has not allowed to realise new projects specially for the Lyons exhibition. The Russian will not believe to the eyes if it to show a paper where it is written that for art projects from the budget (all it totaled 18 million francs) has been allocated by 10,8 million francs (almost $2 million). It it has appeared a little. Almost all works have been created and exposed earlier. Thus, the only thing that does not suffice Lyons biennial, - effect of a premiere.