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will Operate - does not mean to own
  That will be with ONEXIMBANK

to Operate - does not mean to own

Happy owners of a controlling interest of the Russian Open Society Norilsk nickel are compelled to reckon with that attempts to prevent their quiet work at association far are not ended. After the decision of problems Norilsk nickel with the federal centre the ONEXIMBANK should search for common language with the deputies who have come back after holidays and the regional authorities not knowing rest.

it is unconditional, to fears of the general director of the Russian Open Society Norilsk nickel Alexander Hloponina it is fated to come true: having returned after vacation, deputies of the State Duma, as well as promised, are going to bring up a question on legality competition carrying out on to Norilsk nickel . But however many tore on itself hair deputies, and opponents of ONEXIMBANK merged in the compromising evidence press, last word always remains behind the federal authorities which have already named results of competition on to Norilsk nickel conclusive .
And prick so finally people`s choices will have one possibility seriously to complicate work ONEKSIMa in Norilsk - to hammer a wedge into relations of a management of the Russian Open Society and Krasnoyarsk region, and without that far from the idyllic. Re-structuring of debts Norilsk nickel before the regional budget till now it is not begun. The basic question - transfer to edge of objects of social sphere of Norilsk which now are on balance of the Russian Open Society is not solved also. The governor of edge Valery Zubov is ready to take away a social infrastructure only in the event that its financing by separate line will be registered in the federal budget.
now Valery Zubov together with the head of ONEXIMBANK Vladimir Potanin carry on negotiations in the Ministry of Finance, trying to achieve this treasured line. However with requests for exclusive financing the Ministry of Finance accepts all demands till August, 25th, for this time the banker and the governor to prepare necessary documents are not in time any more. To make demanded changes to the budget - 98 the State Duma can only. If deputies refuse to ask to make the government the amendment to already imposed budget, it, certainly, will add oils to the conflict between the Russian Open Society and edge.
deputies - not unique who can spoil mood ONEKSIMu. Considering specificity of Krasnoyarsk region, to try prevent bank work in Norilsk the local underworld can also. Speaking about it, heads of the Russian Open Society prefer to knock three times on a table - while c such problem directly they did not face. However, according to some information, certain foreign structures want to take the power on Norilskgazprome . He/she is the unique supplier of gas on the Russian Open Society, and the one who will hold a hand on the gas crane can at desire influence a management Norilsk nickel .
Besides, absolutely near by at regional administration, on Krasnoyarsk aluminium factory positions of one of shareholders of factory and the open opponent of ONEXIMBANK - British Trans World Group seriously become stronger. Possibly, in the company have not forgotten insult that the federal authorities have not responded to its statement for competition cancellation on to Norilsk nickel . If it so TWG can on - neighbour`s to revenge ONEKSIMu for the unfulfilled plans, having tried to complicate bank work on nickel front. Under the informal data, the friendly companies shareholders of KrAZa have certain communications in the Krasnoyarsk corridors of power.
in connection with all aforesaid huge value for the Russian Open Society is got appointed to the beginning of the next year by elections of the Krasnoyarsk governor. It is not excluded, by the way, that it is necessary to re-elect and the mayor of Norilsk. Present mayor Vasily Tkachev, loyal in relation to ONEXIMBANK, is under examination on charge in bribe reception. As normal relations with the authorities - the basic pledge of stable work of any enterprise, ONEXIMBANK should worry about how to provide to itself political backs in region. Alexander Hloponin recognised that in bank on it reflect much. However he has preferred not to share results of reflexions.