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Dyachenko appoint


There was that should happen for a long time.
On the first poslevybornoj a press - conferences in July of last year Victor Ilyushin (then still the first assistant to the president) has informed on plans to keep Yeltsin`s pre-election staff in the form of separate structure. Then Ilyushin named Tatyana Dyachenko a communication channel with the president .
For a year much has changed. Ilyushin has ceased to be not only the assistant to the president, but also vitse - the prime minister, Anatoly Chubays from anybody again has become all Valentine Yumashev from the journalist and the memoirs unskilled worker has grown to the head of administration, Vasily Shahnovsky has returned to a bosom of Moscow...
month, half a year have appointed later Tatyana Dyachenko nobody. She could be met running on the Kremlin with the radio telephone pressed to an ear, it flied almost to Boris Yeltsin`s each trip to the presidential plane (from which almost furtively descended on a back gangway), it appeared in all ratings influential politicians ... Also remained thus the daughter of the president.
certainly, it remains it and as the adviser - as before, Tatyana Dyachenko`s main value in it. But now questions like by what right the daughter of the president flies at the expense of tax bearers? will lose the sharpness.
yesterday the adviser of the president on image has declared that at it is not present personal ambitions . How Dyachenko answers questions of journalists, it is valid so: it makes impression too - for the tempted politician - the sincere person. But, quite probably that, having found a lawful office Dyachenko will find also a missing political grasp. And then its degree vlijatelnosti it will be calculated not only proceeding from the hours spent by it near to the president...