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MAX opening - 97

the Russian aircraft industry has acted under a soundtrack
  MAX Opening - 97

the Russian aircraft industry has acted under a soundtrack

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Preparation and opening MAX - 97 were accompanied by the most optimistic statements. But if the organisation of a present air show differs from two previous to the best the condition of its Russian participants only has worsened. A ruling clique of the Russian aircraft industry uvjazla in struggle for property repartition in which large financial groupings participate. And the government cannot be defined not only with branch financing, but also from it for a long time the ripened re-structuring.

the sad tradition of accidents on the eve of opening of air shows Has repeated. The day before yesterday at performance of trial flight over Zhukovsky amphibian Be - 103 has broken, and in the Serpukhov area the sports plane has failed. As a result two persons were lost, two more have got wounds. On July, 5th, 1993, also on the eve of air show opening, the pre-production model 64 - the local turbo-propeller plane Silt - 114 has broken. From were onboard nine persons was lost four.
strictly speaking, the rare air show in the world does without misfortunes. But the Russian aircraft industry itself became a misfortune symbol. And business not only in absence of the thought over state policy in aircraft engineering and a chronic lack of money. The higher aviamanagers have completely plunged into struggle for property repartition. Scandals tear apart VPK MAPO, ANTK Tupolev AVPK Dry the Perm motors and a number of other large aviamanufacturers of Russia (see the inquiry p. 2).
Corrosion of the Russian aircraft industry is caused both property repartition, and a control establishment over financial streams. The banks, playing to this struggle the first violin (first of all, ONEXIMBANK and Inkombank), do not hasten with investments. And not only because all rebellious management of the enterprises is replaced. From investments into an aircraft industry it is necessary to wait for return very long. And control reception over available incomes of the enterprises is represented much more important problem. Basically, banks are guided by interest natural to them to earn money. But it does not go on advantage of the aircraft industry in many respects disorganised by this struggle.
position is aggravated and not created legal base under born governmental plans of re-structuring of branch. It is not casual. It is necessary to solve extremely a reconciliation challenge in many respects opposite interests of officials, the management case and financial groups. And though shortly before opening MAX - 97 it has been declared the decision to carry out stage-by-stage reorganisation AVPK Dry VPK MAPO, ANTK Tupolev and an aviacomplex Ilyushin it is obvious that government plans can face resistance.

in January, 1996 there was a decree of the president about creation on the basis of MAPO the Instant and about ten enterprises of state VPK MAPO. General director MAPO the Instant Vladimir Kuzmin has opposed. Actually for potential incomes of export of fighters the Instant two bank groupings headed by ONEXIMBANK and Inkombankom accordingly struggled. In May formation of VPK MAPO has come to the end, but the conflict has proceeded. MAPO the Instant Has lost also the status of the independent enterprise, the right to independent export activity and has submitted the claim about a recognition of the presidential decree void. In June the conflict between heads of VPK MAPO and MAPO the Instant have localised - heads of both structures have been dismissed. The government has made the decision on reorganisation of VPK MAPO in VPK MAPO - M
In August, 1996 there was a decree of the president About creation of the state unitary enterprise Aviation military - an industrial complex (AVPK) ` Dry ` . Here again for control over financial streams of a complex struggled mostly ONEXIMBANK and Inkombank. The part of members yet not created AVPK was opposed by its formations. The situation was aggravated with the conflict between general designer OKB Dry Michael Simonov and general director AVPK Alexey Fedorovym. In March of this year aviabuilding ON Komsomolska - on - the Cupid has directed to arbitration the claim about a recognition void formations AVPK Dry . The claim has been rejected, and in April AVPK have registered. But OKB Dry has put forward the claim about a recognition of registration void. Recently there was an information on occurrence of the project of the governmental decree on reorganisation AVPK Dry with possible discharge from Simonov`s management and Fedorova.
During the same time in race for power in the Perm joint-stock company the Aircraft engine and joint-stock company the Perm motors the supporters of the ONEXIMBANK who has expelled from the enterprises of former heads of these joint-stock companies have won. Bykovsky`s struggle of aircraft repair factory for control over Bykovsky with aviation enterprise has come to the end in favour of the first. And in its course on director Bykovsky of aircraft repair factory attempt - the first case of violence in the aviation war which has overflowed Russia has been made.
Meanwhile the Russian aircraft industry cannot finish to mind samples of new passenger planes and understand with conflicts round export fighting aircraft technicians. And the Russian airlines do not show interest to a domestic production. The secondary market second-hand foreign aircraft technicians becomes for all of them more attractive of - for rather low prices and high operational standards. Recently made Aeroflot the order for 17 passenger Silt - 96 and 3 transport Silt - 96 not podslashchivaet a pill. In - the first, the airline simultaneously buys 10 srednemagistralnyh Boeing 737 - 400. In - the second, in the transaction with Ilami manufacturers of planes will receive less than third of their cost, other money will get to the American manufacturers of engines and avionics. Besides, the program Silt - 96/ T exists at the expense of the American credit. And to pay it it is necessary also strengthening of positions on the Russian aviation market of corporation Boeing. Away from struggle for the market there is no also consortium Airbus Industrie.
By the way, Airbus Industrie has submitted some hopes to the Russian aviation industry, having invited to participate in creation 600 - local Airbus A3XX. Some Russian experts even have considered participation in this program as one of ways of an exit of branch of crisis. But the consortium has put forward a number of conditions. It, in particular, division of financial risk, creation of uniform Russian structure for interaction with Europeans, certification of the Russian components of the project under the European and American standards, manufacture and sale financing, rigid terms of performance, and also the general domination Airbus Industrie in project realisation. Any of these conditions is impracticable for our aircraft industry.
that remains to it? To continue to console itself and surrounding with vigorous phraseology. After all in the house hung up do not speak about a rope.