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Struggle for the World proceeds

Struggle for the World proceeds

Malfunctions at an orbiting station the World in which result the complex has on Monday evening lost orientation and has practically lost energy sources, yesterday have been partially eliminated by cosmonauts. However automatic system of orientation the World it is not restored yet.

Right after how the central onboard computer and station has refused has begun chaotic rotation about the axis, crew by means of engines pristykovannogo to ship station Union TM - 26 Has developed it in such position at which sun rays would fall on solar batteries the World . It for a while - before orientation restoration - should solve a power supply problem.
simultaneously cosmonauts have replaced the central block of the onboard COMPUTER which as it was supposed, became the originator of a disorientation of station. The testing of the computer spent yesterday by cosmonauts, has confirmed these assumptions.
yesterday in 19. 00 crew - Anatoly Solovev, Pavel Vinogradov and Michael Foel - has begun loading of the program with the data for system of orientation of station. If all goes according to plan, today she will earn in an automatic mode. And completely orientation of station to the Sun will occur after nine will be untwisted girodinov - tops which support balance of an orbital complex.
while orientation is supported by means of engines pristykovannogo to ship station M Progress - 35 (During joining with which the central COMPUTER) has refused - yesterday in the morning it has accepted relay race at the Union . the Union basically could and further to hold station, however in this case there could be an over-expenditure of the fuel necessary for guaranteed returning of the ship to the Earth (on it it is necessary to return in half a year to Solovevu and Vinogradovu).
Nevertheless a situation on the World last night was enough difficult. On - former with a view of economy the equipment most part is disconnected: inflow of energy from - for absence of steady orientation is astable. It is not known, whether it will be possible to untwist at once girodiny and not will be capricious whether again onboard computer.
However, in Control centre of flight keep optimism and even assure that a situation on the World Is stabler, than during July incident when the COMPUTER too was disconnected, the station has lost orientation, and accumulators had time to be discharged considerably.
if today really it will be possible to return station in a working condition, Anatoly Solovev and Pavel Vinogradov will begin preparation for the first stage of repair of the module depressurized as a result of June failure the Spectrum . They should enter in the faulty module and to try to find a hole. (Originally a campaign in the Spectrum has been planned for August, 20th, however now terms should be corrected). The technics to help with it to cosmonauts cannot any more: the video image which has been finished shooting last week during flight by cosmonauts of a complex, has been studied on the Earth, but a site of a hole with its help to establish and it was not possible.