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In Abkhazia the Georgian guerrillas took in hostages of peacemakers

took in hostages of the Russian peacemakers
  In Abkhazia took in hostages of peacemakers

the Georgian guerrillas took in hostages of the Russian peacemakers

On Monday evening two officers and the private soldier from structure of the Russian peacekeeping forces in a zone Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict were are taken in hostages in Zugdidsky area of Abkhazia. The insurgents who have grasped peacemakers of the Georgian guerrilla grouping the White legion want to exchange captives for bodies of the Abkhasians shot by the Abkhazian police on suspicion in cooperation with the Georgian guerrillas.

Incident has occurred all in three days after signing in Tbilisi heads of Georgia and Abkhazia of the joint statement on force non-use. It is the first case for all time of peace-making operation, when Russian military men a beret in hostages one of conflicting parties.
the Georgian guerrillas have declared that will release hostages only in exchange for bodies of two Abkhasians, the inhabitants of Galsky area shot on August, 14th by the Abkhazian police. They have been suspected of cooperation with the Georgian guerrillas.
the action the White legion it is considered by many in Georgia as display of disobedience to the president of Georgia Edward Shevardnadze. Refugees and the Georgian armed formations operating in Abkhazia, have apprehended the statement of Shevardnadze for reconciliation with Vladislav Ardzinboj as an insult and violation of memory of victims. It is remarkable, what exactly these days the leader of the Georgian refugees, the chairman of the Supreme body of Abkhazia in exile of Tamaz Nadareishvili has declared possible resignation in case present the capitulatory course of the Georgian management in relation to Ardzinbe will be continued .
the President of Georgia has declared the serious concern an event. Being afraid of deterioration Russian - the Georgian relations, it supports constant contact to a management of the Russian armies in Transcaucasia, and also with command of the Russian peacekeeping forces in a conflict zone. According to a source in MGB Georgia, the order of president Shevardnadze creates working group for incident investigation. Employees MGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia have already arrived to a zone of the conflict and try to come into contact to the Georgian guerrillas who have stolen peacemakers.
in Moscow in the Ministry of Defence and in the Joint Staff comments concerning happened yesterday have refused. And in a press - the centre glavkomata land forces to the correspondent the Businessman have declared that do not know surnames of the stolen military men and have no even the data confirming the fact of capture of hostages. Directly on a place of events the commander of a peace-making contingent understands a situation the general - lieutenant Dolja Babenkov.