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The Russian financial markets

Residents fight for the market
  the Russian financial markets

Residents fight for the market

In the Russian market of corporate securities, despite predicted in connection with growth of index Dow Jones stabilisation, falling of quotations blue chips proceeds.
In connection with proceeding active sale by non-residents Russian blue chips their quotations have decreased on 3 - 5 %. More actively others joint-stock company actions " were on sale; Mosenergo the Russian Open Society UES of Russia holding LUKOIL and the Russian Open Society Norilsk nickel . Stock quotes the second echelon Decreased much less sharply (on 1 - 2 %) and the auctions on them went without any splashes in activity. Simultaneously with it it is possible to note stability of securities of the telecommunication companies. In particular, actions Rostelecom have fallen almost imperceptibly.
the general falling has stopped only in the middle of day in connection with active purchase of these papers by domestic investors. The papers sold by the western banks, are actively got by the Russian players, basically banks. According to experts, the tendency of transition of actions of the Russian enterprises in hands of domestic holders will remain and further. Whether
will make it the Russian securities market even more isolated and independent of the world market - while to speak difficultly. According to the trader of the company MFK - the Moscow partners Denis Sysoyev, efforts of the Russian participants the market will return on former level and sharp falling of actions is not expected. The reason of optimism of the Russian traders consists that blue chips, in their opinion, are still strongly underestimated and have bolshy in comparison with other securities potential.
the market of interbank credits the whole day long remained stable. Only towards the end of the rate have a little raised: probably, someone from participants of the market sharply needed to involve means, as has led to growth of quotations. Also the market of state credit obligations where today has taken place the next auction was quiet. It has been placed bonds on 4,663 trln rbl. the Average profitableness has made 18,33 % annual.