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Russia — the fifth in the world

Russia - the fifth in the world

FIFA has published the next ratings of national teams. Russia has risen on two lines and now takes the fifth place.
1 - e the place is kept by Brazilian national team, the quadruple world champion, - 71,93 points, on 2 - m - champions of Europe of 1964, the Spanish football players, - 63,20. The third line at the winner of the European championship of 1992, modular Denmark, - 61,83, follows it the triple world champion, German national team, - 60,65. Russian national team (60,41) - on 5 - m a place. On 6 - m - a national team of Holland (60,39), on 7 - m - England (59,92), on 8 - m - Italy (59,45), on 9 - m - Mexico (59,06). 10 - e the place at Colombia (58,77), 11 - e a place is occupied with France (58,68). Further there is Romania (58,45), Argentina (57,83), Morocco (57,19), Norway (56,59).
the Basic contender of Russians on 5 - j to selection group of the World championship of 1998 - the national team of Bulgaria - in rating FIFA occupies 22 - e a place. The national team of Portugal closes tridtsatku the strongest teams of the world.

Bekker remained without the manager
Without unexpectedness passes on fast courts in Brooklyn (suburb of Boston) the next tournament a World series ATP with a prize fund $303 thousand On start of success have achieved Spaniards Alex Korretha, Felix Mantilja and Alberto Kosta, and also British Gregory Rusedski. Observers mark also victories of Dutch Dennisa van Sheppinenga and American Jeffrey Tarango. Dutch Paul Haarhjujs, Slovak Dominik Grbaty, Swede Mikael Tilstrem have left struggle.
Posejannyj under 4 - m number Boris Bekker has notified organizers of tournament that urgently takes off for Germany where on Monday its manager - Aksel Meyer - Volden has died from a cancer.

the Russian leaves in the pair ending
In a city Stone - Mauntin (the State of Georgia, the USA) proceeds tournament 2 - j categories WTA with a prize fund $450 thousand Dutchwoman of the Brand Schultz McCart has beaten in the first circle Canadian Patricia Gi - Boulle - 7:6, 7:6. Frenchwoman Natali Tozja has won Osu Karlsson from Sweden - 6:4, 6:3, and Italian Silvija Farina - the Bulgarian Magdalena Maleevu - 6:3, 7:6.
In the pair category in the second circle there was Russian Elena Lihovtseva and Argentinean Florensija Labat.

Kafelnikov again the third in a rating
Evgenie Kafelnikov after two days after success at competitions in Nju - Hejvene (USA) which have allowed it to rise on 3 - e a place in a rating - sheet ATP, has left struggle already in the first circle of tournament a World series ATP with a prize fund $328 thousand which there takes place on island Long - Ajlend. posejannyj under 3 - m number Kafelnikov has conceded to the Frenchman of Arno Betchu - 4:6, 6:7. Only once, in the second set, hard-fought battle was fastened - losing 1:4, the inhabitant of Sochi could finish game to thaw - a break. It was Kafelnikov`s fourth meeting with Betchem, now joint account became 3:1 in favour of the Frenchman. By the way, Kafelnikov without interruption acts seven weeks on end, now at it time will take rest on the eve of US Open. Final, fourth tournament the Grand Slam will begin in New York on August, 25th. One year ago the Russian has refused to act on US Open in protest that it have sown at lower number, rather than it stood in a rating - sheet ATP. Now Kafelnikov has received the same third number on this tournament. In other matches with participation sejanyh players of unexpectedness have not occurred. The second racket of competitions - Croat Goran Ivanishevich has easily changed Paraguayan Ramona Delgado - 7:5, 6:4, and Spaniard Carlos Mojja has got the best of compatriot Javier Sanchez - 0:6, 7:5, 6:2. Swede Junas Borkman, Australian Todd Vudbridzh, German Mark - Kevin Gelner, Swiss Mark Rosse will continue struggle. Failure has comprehended Peter Kordu who was traumatised on training in an anklebone. posejannyj under 8 - m number 29 - the summer Czech, probably, cannot play and in New York. Two years ago on this tournament it left in a quarterfinal.

Crests there leaves to Holland
Dmitry Hohlov supporting capital a Torpedo passes in the Dutch club PSV Eindhoven . He has signed with the champion of the country the contract till 2003. According to the contract, the Russian should pass in PSV after end of present football superiority of Russia, that is not earlier than December, 1st. Transition 21 - summer Hohlova in PSV yet does not mean that the young football player will take at once a place in the basic structure which is now fully completed. For example, the former player of CSKA Andrey Demchenko within 3 years played for an alternating cast the Ajax .

In Seville the Russian swimmer
Unsuccessfully for a Russian team is disqualified has begun 7 - j day of the championship on water sports in the Spanish Seville. In the morning in a preliminary heat on 100 m a breast stroke in pool the Dignity - Pablo the champion of Europe and the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic games Andrey Korneyev have been disqualified for 2 false starts. However, Korneyev has won all high titles on 200 - metrovke a breast stroke where it still should act. Besides, it will float in the combined relay race 4100 m. the Second Russian, the Novel Ivanovo, in a preliminary heat was only 9 - m and could apply for participation only in the ending . So, the national team of swimmers of Russia already on start has lost a medal. On a hundred-metre race freestyle at women the silver prize-winner of the World championship Natalia Meshcherjakova has reached the final with the fifth result, in the ending it was only 6 - j. Svetlana Leshukova has occupied in preliminary competitions 9 - e a place and to the basic ending has not got. The same fate has comprehended the Olympic champion in relay race 4200 m Vladimir Pyshnenko`s freestyle on a distance of 200 m freestyle which also was in the ending only 6 - m. Not bad while there are affairs at our water polo players - they left in a semi-final, having beaten German national team.

the Australian bisexuals have well accepted the Mongolian sportsmen
Two Mongolian sportsmen who have arrived in Melbourn (Australia) for participation in the open championship of Australia on table tennis in the pair category, on not found out while it have appeared to the reasons practically without means of support. Besides at Batmunha Batzhargala and Chojzhoo Sainbajara is not present return air tickets. According to the chairman of executive committee of Federation of table tennis of Australia Ronald Karltona, the Mongolian players have arrived in the airport of Melbourn on Saturday, after two days after the beginning of competitions. Further the situation has developed simply improbable. So, on one of versions, the taxi driver who was bringing up the Asian sportsmen from the airport in a city, has accepted them for... A couple of bisexuals. Also has brought to that party of the Olympic park which was chosen by prostitutes, including with nonconventional orientation. Though masters ping - a pong understand only the Mongolian language, have accepted them well. But visitors and have not managed to achieve: where here play table tennis? Good luck, however, all - taki has smiled to Batzhargalu and Sainbajaru: they have met the compatriot - the businessman who why - that has directed them to Sydney - in Mongolian zemljachestvo university the New Southern Wales having given out on pocket expenses of $150. Having passed for 12 hours about thousand kilometres, sportsmen have appeared - taki in the native language environment. And, thanks to phone call from zemljachestva, the organising committee has learnt about a site of tennis players which still waited on tournament. Now organizers of the championship puzzle what to do with unlucky a duet .