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Murder of Manevicha

Murder vitse - the governor could order for 20 - 25 thousand dollars.
  Ubijstvo Manevicha

Murder vitse - the governor could order for 20 - 25 thousand dollars.

So the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of St.-Petersburg
considers Yesterday new details of murder vitse - the governor of St.-Petersburg Michael Manevicha became known. The chief of the Petersburg Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Anatoly Ponidelko has told About them to journalists.

General Ponidelko has informed that there are witnesses who saw the alleged offender. It is high (180 - 185 sm) the man with the European appearance, years 30 - 40. On it there were black jeans, is light - a beige jacket from plashchevoj fabrics and krossovki. Its identikit will be soon made.
detectives have come to a conclusion that participants of attempt was, most likely, four. Except the sniper, the car driver on which the executor, and two " has disappeared participated in a crime; beacons in the street Rubinshtejna informing to the murderer on a portable radio set about movement of the car vitse - the governor. One of portable radio sets have found near to the automatic machine from which Manevich has been killed. According to RUOP, criminals have spent for preparation of such murder not less than month. The chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs named also presumable cost of the order. In its opinion to kill vitse - the governor could all for $20 - 25 thousand
the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, RUOP, FSB and Office of Public Prosecutor joint efforts have put forward some versions about motives of murder of Manevicha. In - the first, the political version will be checked seriously. Household causes of offence also will not be left by a consequence without attention. According to Ponidelko, murder vitse - the governor is not connected by that Manevicha had a list of the corrupted officials co-operating with the organised crime. It does not connect death vitse - the governor and with murder in June of this year of chief KUGI of Seaside area Majmuly.
Ponidelko considers that this handwork of one of local criminal groupings, most likely Tambov at which, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are available both money, and influence, and possibilities for fulfilment of such crime. On the other hand, it is not absolutely clear yet, what for it was necessary for them. It is rumored that Manevich possessed the certain information representing danger to leaders of grouping, however they are supported by nothing.
it is necessary to notice that handwriting of the murderer absolutely not gangster. As a result of shooting one person, and for whom there was a hunting was lost only. We will remind that during recent bloody dismantling in hotel the Neva Oriental carpet (By the way, being near to a place of murder of Michael Manevicha) three persons were lost. Two gangsters - killers from automatic machines have shot security guards of businessman Victor Gavrilenkova and businessman who has casually appeared nearby from Great Britain. Thus Gavrilenkov whom were going to kill, remained is live. According to field investigators, gangsters for certain would choose other method of elimination objectionable it the official - having shot it about the house or having enclosed a bomb in the car.
officials of Smolnogo with whom Manevich worked, were divided into those who stays in confusion, and those who already is now ready to go to be at war - only does not know, with whom. Elga Poretskina answering in administration for communications with religious associations, spoke yesterday to the correspondent the Businessman - Daily : Us you will not intimidate!
civil funeral on Manevichu will pass on Thursday in the Ethnographic museum (Engineering street, 4/ 1). Will bury vitse - the governor on Volkovom a cemetery.