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The international commodity markets

the Prices of the basic exchange goods at the international stock exchanges
  the International commodity markets

the Prices of the basic exchange goods at the international stock exchanges

*Βεχεπνθι fixing.
** the Price on 18. 08.
*** the Price of the buyer/ the seller.
**** 1000 wood foots = 2,36 cubic m.
***** In pounds sterling.
the Accepted reductions: ARA (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpen) - the North European free market of oil, CBT - Chicago Board of Trade (USA), COMEX - Commodity Exchange (USA), CSCE - Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange (USA), NYCE - New York Cotton Exchange (USA), LME - London Metal Exchange (Great Britain), LIFFE - London International Financial Futures Exchange (Great Britain), NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange (USA), IPE - International Petroleum Exchange (Great Britain), CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange (USA).

“ Bulls “ Have become interested in gasoline
Quotations of future contracts on gasoline have sharply jumped up on Tuesday thanks to hearings circulating in the market that in the report of the oil refining industry the eighth consecutive time will be informed on reduction of the American stocks of gasoline. Growth of quotations was promoted also by the information from company Exxon about a stop of one of its factories, processing 24 thousand barrels of oil a day. The considerable rise in prices compensated recent recession in the market which has been connected with oil refining renewal at factory of other large company - Tosco, closed for operating repair carrying out. As a result of the price for gasoline have risen to record level since operation “ the Storm in desert “.
the World prices for oil on Tuesday also have grown. The message that an oyster vessel " was the reason here; Katatumbo “ Village on a bank directly in the middle of lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, having blocked a way through the narrow channel to oil tankers with more than 1 million barrels of oil onboard. After these news of the price of short-term future contracts on “ oil “ have jumped up on both parties of Atlantic. According to analysts, the prices have grown from - that demand in the market is great also current deliveries hardly - hardly cover it.